Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Taupe Tuesday! - Iman Pewter

Hellllooooooo taupe lovers! Back again with another tantalizing taupe from Iman Cosmetics. Last time Iman made an appearance on the blog, it was with the loose powder pigment in Wicked. Today's feature is almost like Wicked's cousin in pressed form...

Iman Luxury Eyeshdaow in Pewter

Pewter is once again one of those colors that likes to play tricks on you. Looking at the pan, and even looking at the name, you think this is going to be a silver shade. Well, it kind of is. Then when you swatch it, it looks kind of brown. Well, it's kind of that too. Pewter is definitely a silver-based taupe. I think that's the wonderful part of taupe shadows and all the different shades and undertones it can take. What other kind of shadow can live multiple lives?

Compared to Wicked loose powder- it definitely has the same color, but Wicked has way more sparkle. If sparkle isn't your think or you're not comfortable with loose shadow, I would suggest picking up Pewter instead. The pigment is fantastic. The shadow itself is very smooth and buttery, very buttery. Until you have the chance to try it out for yourself, you're going to have to believe me. Even though it's a drugstore product, it beats the crap out of some of my MAC shadows- really.

And for some non-taupe fun, here's the only other Iman shadow I own, Safari:

Safari is a gorgeous gold with a hint of green, making it a bit on the warm side. I normally side with cool shadows but I don't care, it was too gorgeous not to own.

These run around $6-7, depending where you are at. They can be found at select Target, Walgreens, and Wal Mart stores, so make sure to check out the store finder on Iman's website to search your area (even then, you may want to call your stores- the two Targets I get this from in my area aren't even listed on the search).


Joey said...

Yay, they sell these at my local Duane Reade (a NYC drugstore) so I will definitely be picking up Pewter!

Erica said...

I'm interested in this color! Thanks for letting us know, and it's good because that is the new trend for fall, any neutral colors.

BTW, I love reading your blog. You should have more followers...I don't know what's up with ppl these days but lately I've been noticing women have gotten alot more shallow in these recent yrs. Just because you are not 100 lbs, with a rebellious life and spend thousands on makeup now people don't like you...bah!

Anyways, just a little rant there, haha. I love your blog, just wanted to let you know!
Have a great day!