Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Taupe?....Tuesday?....Iman "Wicked" Eye Defining Powder

I know you're probably thinking what is up with the title of this entry? You know? All the question marks?

...because that's kind of how I feel when I look at this "Taupe? Tuesday?" entry. I was at Target this past weekend (Aren't I every weekend?) and came across this new product from Iman Cosmetics (Sidebar: Iman Cosmetics is the line from, you guessed it, model/one of the most beautiful women in the world/Mrs. David Bowie, Iman. I have a hard time finding this line, and there are only two Target's in my area [and when I say "area" I mean in a 30-mile radius around me] that carry the line, both in different cities. And while generally catered to beautiful women of color- even us fair-skinned gals can check out the shadows and lip products). The Luxury Eye Defining Powder is a loose, pigment-type product in a vial. Of course...the shade Wicked caught my eye:

My taupe-radar went crazy.
Well...at least, It looks taupe, right?

In the store- Wicked looks straight-up silvery taupe. I was so excited, I threw it in my car and left with that baby (it was the last one).

When I got home and admired my new beauty find in a new lights...it looked...kinda of silver? Where was the gorgeous pure taupe I saw in the store?! I applied it to my eye and, well, the complextity of the shade just made me fall deeply in love with it:

Kinda taupe.
Kinda silver.
Kinda awesome.

Now, let's talk about the pigment. HELL-O!!! This stuff packs a pigment punch. It went on silky smooth and I had absolutely no fall out, which is surprising for a loose eye shdaow. And the applicator may look annoying, but it's really not. It applies just the right amount of shadow to the eye, and it really sticks to it, which probably prevents the fall out. When I wore this out Saturday night, I used this all over my lid (I just applied the shadow to my lid with the applicator, then spread & blended it out with a brush with no problems) with some smudgy black liner- sosososo hot (well, at least I thought so!)!! I had no transfer, no creasing (granted I did use a base), and the color stayed true all night.

There are three colors all together (also available is a sparkly black and a gorgeous bright gold) in the collection and will run you about $10 (I know, a bit on the pricey side, but worth every penny!). If you spot this gem- definitely consider picking one up.


Ai said...

the color's nice! i wanna see the color on your eyes! :D

Phyrra said...

Very gorgeous!

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Wicked Fresno Tickets said...

Same here.How much do you spend for that?I like that silver glow.