Monday, June 22, 2009

My Pretty Pink Box...It's Just That Good.

I know you've heard about it.
And you've heard how great it is.
And, you know that these pink beauties go FAST.
I'm here to tell you that everything you've heard about My Pretty Pink Box is TRUE. It's an amazing pink gem filled with a scattering array of samples and goodies...for under $20.

I too was one of those gals who had heard so much about this adorable box of samples, and, I too was one of those gals who always MISSED the sales! When I say they go fast, they go FAST. For this current box, the sale started at 7AM (pacific time), fortunately for me, this is my time zone, so I was able to place an order just before going to work. By the time I got to work and checked the website again (before the workday began, of course!), they were sold out. That's about an hour, folks. Maybe it was before that, but you have to hurry if you want one of these boxes.

I was very pleased by the shipping. I probably would have received it faster if my card was updated on PayPal (the method of payment used for My Pretty Pink Box), so I had to do it the old-fashioned way and use my checking account (which takes longer to process). I received my box in a week, still, and was nearly giggling with delight! Look at all these lovely goodies!

I know what you're thinking....what's in the box!?!

Oh, I'll tell you what's in the box:

-4.2 oz bottle of Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Treatment
-4 oz jar of Ice Cream Party Body Cream from The Bath Project
-Full-Sized Pout -n- Polish teeth whitening/gloss combo product. So neat!!!
-Lip Gloss & Eyeshadow from Silk Naturals
-Full-Sized tube of Le Baby hair gel (not just for babies, for adults too)
-Shimmer Tube Gel Blush from Mark
-Whipped Body Butter in Pink Paradise from Eli Bath & Beauty
-PLUS: Coupons from & Mineral Hygienics

...whew...Now, try and tell me that isn't a great deal? The whole kit-n-caboodle plus shipping + taxes only came out to around $16. It's no wonder these sell out so fast!

I am so pleased with the samples from Silk Naturals. I think the eyshadow is a sample jar, but it's got a lot of pigment, I don't need a lot, I'm sure it will last me a while. I used it today and the color was so silky and smooth- definitely a brand I'll have to check more out from. The lip gloss is really pretty too, a rosy pink with a bit of a gold shimmer. I haven't tried it on my lips yet, but I love the color. Here are some swatches:

Left: Eyeshdaow in Lynx
Right: Lip Gloss in Spring Fling

All in all, I am very pleased with My Pretty Pink Box, I'm sad that I never tried them out sooner!! I like that it contained a mixture of products, not just all makeup, or all body products, etc., and the sizes were more than generous (well, you can't get any more generous than full-sized!!). It's a great way to branch out and try some new brands, all keeping it under $20 (usually, I've read the price can change from month to month but from what I've seen it's under $20). Every month the items in the box change, but the bargain and the fun stay the same! I highly recommend picking up a box (before they sell out, of course) next month. You can find all the information from My Pretty Pink Box's website, and while you're at it, check out Linda's (owner of My Pretty Pink Box) blog here :)


Askmewhats said...

MPPB is a great idea, I'm glad you like yours :D

Linda said...

Love this review! I'm so glad you like the box. =)


So jealous! I'm glad you are enjoying your great box!

I will definitely have to try to get my hands on one of these next month : )

writing services online said...

nice one. but pink color....I'm not a real fan of that!! maube it will be better in red!!