Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Taupe Tuesday! - Maybelline Beach Blush

Hiiiiiii. I'm still here. And so is my computer. And so is that stinkin' virus :( I swear, a million scans and each of these so-called "good" programs all say that there's nothing wrong. However, the problem still persists. I'm still calling around to a few places in town to take my computer in to, trying to get different prices. So frustrating....I don't wish viruses on anyone.

Sigh....anyways, enough of that. I guess the only good thing is that I get to post a Taupe Tuesday! And, it's another beauty from Maybelline......

Maybelline Beach Blush

I found this at what seems to be my treasure cove of beauty gems, Wal Mart. There it was, stuck in the display of the Stylish Smokes, was this little single. It certainly doesn't look like it belongs to the permanent collection, and definitely not with the Smokes collection- I believe there was another "Beachy" collection out there not too long ago, for some reason I never saw too much from that collection.

Beach Blush is surprisingly, or, not so surprisingly, pretty smooth and soft. It's not very heavily pigmented, but a good base will fix that right up. It looks a touch warmer than most taupes, with just a little glint of gold. It's really pretty, and of course a great steal at a couple of bucks. If you can find it, I would definitely suggest snagging one up.


ndoodles said...

This thing really lasts all day w/ no base but it does crease... so I guess do use a good base :D

Rae said...

Taupe?! In a blush?! Or is it called "beach blush"?

Enter confusion. It DOES look gorgeous though ^^

Askmewhats said...

wow....that is a blush? that color is unique!!!

Maggie said...

that's quite unique!
oh, and have you tried OPI's new nail polish in over the TAUPE!? so pretty!

Tanya @ The Pink Train Case said...

Hehe- for clarification it is in fact an eyeshadow, the "blush" is just part of the name. I know, it could be a little confusing ;)

@ Maggie - Nope! I haven't ventured into taupe nail polish. I don't think it would jive with my skin, but, that has yet to be tested. For now, I'm sticking to keeping the taupe on my eyes ;)

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a "blush" effect are so cool

BTW - someone called "beach blush" - can we say more about it??