Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like.....Halloween?

Sunday morning I was out and about doing one of my "drugstore tours", I went to a nearby town with arguably better drugstores than my town- and went looking for any deals and steals. I stopped by Big Lots, where I left disappointed in terms of make up selection, but came out with some plastic bins to store my ever-growing nail polish stash. Longs (CVS) was a dried up desert, and Walgreens had no new product since the last time I visited.

Rite Aid was the last stop before heading home, and hoped, hoped, to find something good and worthwhile. The things I have been searching for non-stop have been the new Wet n Wild "Craze" nail polishes (google is your friend, you'll get blog reviews/swatches). Usually my area i s really good with getting new WnW products, but I can't seem to find these buggers anywhere!!!

I did come across this:



Seriously, folks. You can't set up/put out the regular season items YET you bust out the black lipstick?? I don't get it. This years selection is pretty much the same as last year. Two eye shadow duos (black/white & navy/blue), fake nails, fake tattoos (not pictured), lipstick (including the obligatory black), and nail polish. Nothing new and too terribly exciting, I'm afraid to report.

I guess the only "interesting" items were the false lashes. There are a couple I remember from last year, and some that look new.

Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween maybe a little more than the average person (I may or not be already getting my costume made) - but putting out these items this early is a bit extreme.

What do you think? Are Halloween items out on display in August too early? Think it's out at the right time? Or maybe you think it's not out early enough (I would love you if you think this, hehe)?


ritaliator said...

Hi there! I love your site. Became a follower recently =). I think the end of August is a good time for Halloween items to be up. I'm only saying this because I used to work at Spirit Halloween and August is usually the time we get the store up and running. And I'm used to it lol. But that's my opinion.

Erica said...

Too early for halloween? I don't know really. In my city stores start like 3 months in advance for any big holiday, like they starting the selling of Thanksgiving and Christmas items already at my local Hobby lobby and Micheals. In most places I find halloween items trinkle in a little bit but then as it comes closer to the actual holiday they start adding more stuff in.
I loooove Halloween though, lashes are good!

Marce said...

Hi! I love the design of your blog, it's so cute!
I think it's just marketing... companies want you to buy their product before any other company puts theirs on sale...
I agree, the lashes are the most appealing!

Ashley Danielle said...

I've been hunting down this display! i want to try the glow in the dark nail polish. I found 1 bottle of it at winn dixie but it looked like it was already 1/2 used.