Monday, August 24, 2009

Manic Monday

Heeeeeeey everyone. You may have noticed (or, may not have. It's alright, my feelings won't get hurt) that I haven't posted in almost a week. Ya know. Things happen. Life happens. More importantly school happens. I'm taking an evening class two nights a week....thrilling. It's the second week and the work/reading is starting to already pick up. So, don't be surprised if I happen to disappear for a little bit once in a while. Just a word of caution.

Moving on! This is a weird post because it doesn't have any real rhyme or reason to it. I did a little shopping this weekend, and it was more clothes than make up, to tell you the truth. I haven't bought a lot of cosmetic items lately. I think I may have babbled about this topic in a past entry, but it's starting to get to that point where I really have to think things over before I buy, ya know? I do admit that I did break down for one item last week. If you have been reading around the beauty community, you would have known that the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. 2 dropped last Friday (two days after the photos leaked on a certain makeup board....oops!). I thought about it for....oh, two seconds? Then hit purchase ;) That was quite an investment, but all of the colors look beautiful, much better than the last Book in my opinion. I'm totally stoaked for it to arrive on my doorstep :D

I made a stop to a nearby town to pay a visit to the new Forever 21. I was never a fan of the store before, but since they have introduced a "plus size" (and I use that term loosely) line, I have since not been so harsh. I say "plus size" because honestly....this is pretty much normal sizing. And I'm not going to lie, I'm not miss Skinny Minnie or anything, so I never had any business stepping foot into a Forever 21 store before in the first place (except for maybe a headband or something). So I was pretty thrilled when I heard they were extending their sizes to all women of different sizes. So color me shocked when I go in an find that I have to buy a 2x in some What? And when I put it against my other clothing, it's pretty much the same size of my large sized shirts. Whatever. I'll stop there. I can bitch and complain about sizing for days. But I'm so hypocritical that I'll go in a drop a couple of twenty's easily.

Here's what I left with:

ADORABLE plaid shirt. Lots of plaid in that store. I guess it's in? It's cut a little low, and I'm pretty top heavy so I'll end up wearing a white cami or tank under.

I really don't know where I'll wear this dress. But it had to come home with me. I found that a lot of the dresses are a wee bit short that what I'm used to, but this was the perfect length on me. Maybe I can wear it to the supermarket? Too much?

Then I hopped over to Hot Topic. There are no words for this tee:

No words.
At all.

You know I love my MJ. When I saw this shirt I loved it so much I practically ran out of the store with it. They had a few other MJ shirts, but this one was clearly the best. Why? CARTOON ZOMBIES. They also had some MJ stickers which I bought as well (I'm heavily considering putting the "I heart MJ" sticker on my car).

Last, but not least, I made an ADD-fueled visit to Wal Mart with two of my cousins (seriously, I love them and all but I spend too much money when I'm with them! We would be walking the aisles and all of a sudden one of us would say something like "OMG I NEED THIS BLENDER.....HEY, BAND-AIDS!!!") and FINALLY found the new Wet n Wild products!!!!!

The new Craze nail polishes are all that they are hyped up to be. The only one I wanted was Morbid, a beautiful, dark, blueish-green. Then picked up the adjusting foundation. Let me tell you, it's magic. It must be made of unicorn tears and butterfies. I'll definitely be doing a full review of this, but when it says it adjusts to your skintone, it really does adjust to your skintone. The Ressesionista did a fabulous review on this, including a video of the magic in action.

One more thing before I wrap this up; I tried my hand at "frankening" my own nail polish. Frankening is basically mixing your own polish colors. One color that I haven't seen yet (or if there is, TELL ME!) is a black with green glitter. I've seen every other kind of color glitter in a black base, but not green. So, I made my own. I went to Michael's Craft store and picked up this nifty pack of glitters for $3. This particular glitter is a bit finer than regular craft glitter, so they're better for nail polish.

Here is the result!

Basically it's Wet n Wild black nail polish, Wet n Wild clear polish, and the glitter. I'm quite happy with the result. I don't have any pictures on my nails, so here it is on a swatch wheel (this is two coats):

LOVE IT. It looks kind of "chunky" because this is without a top coat. I'm sure it will smooth it out. I still need to come up with a name for it. How can a franken go without a name? Any suggestions?

One more word.......I want to wish a belated Happy Birthday to a sweet and wonderful gal, Aly from The Gloss Menagerie!!!! Hope you had a great day ♥


ndoodles said...

I tried Frankening once... didn't work out so well. Ooh, excited for the review!

Anonymous said...

My frankening results were not nearly so good :) Great job!

Also, I totally agree about Forever21's sizing. It's more "juniors" sizing than women's (I usually wear Med or Large in juniors, and am usually Med or Large at Forever21). I do feel a little self conscious because they don't stock as many items in the Large size, but their stuff is so cheap it's fabulous :) And the quality is comparable to a lot of department store stuff in my opinion.

Love the dress!

Recessionista! said...

Welcome back! We missed you! :)

Adorable clothes. How much did you pay for the F21 stuff?

YIPPEE!! I'm so glad you were finally able to find that WnW stuff at your Walmart! I knew you'd love Morbid. lol. And thanks for the shoutout about the foundation. It's really amazing, isn't it?

Congrats on all the goodies and bravo on the frankening! That's a gorgeous color! My suggestion for a name: Emerald Abyss. :)

Tanya @ The Pink Train Case said...

@Recessionista : The dress was about $24 and the shirt was $15, Cute and affordable :D

kali said...

I don't go into the store much but you're right about Forever 21 dresses being very small -and short. They barely cover your.. well your butt. I have one dress and I feel funny everytime I have to bend over to reach for something. As for the sizes, everything is just about 2 sizes off. a "Small" is an "xxs" and so on.. Hopefully they start making sizes for people with real bodies and some curves. We're not all stick figures.

Erica said...

Hey girl, about the color name suggestion, how about Emerald Vamp

I loved your haul, I gotta chk out f21 for pls sizes, I'm proud of my belly fat, really :)

Talk to you soon!

T said...

That Franken is awesome!
Also, I tagged you. You don't have to do, just for fun.
Hope you are having a good week.

GlossMenagerieDotCom said...

hi miss lady and THANK YOU for the birthday shoutout. You are such a sweetheart. ILU!!

Surrender Dorothy is gorgeous. I'd hit it. Err, buy it. Wear it. whatever. :)

Btw F21 sizing PISSES ME OFF. There, I said it. I'm plus sized...but their stuff sure ain't. It's not cut for someone with BOOBS. Wtf? Plus sized girls (usually) have boobs!!! Mine are large and in charge and there ain't no room for them in their tops, and everything is cut so straight up and down. :( No room for this junk-filled-trunk. Gahhh. Sorry to rant, I just had theeee most frustrating time trying to find something to wear there. I had really gotten my hopes up and they were so severely dashed. :(