Friday, September 05, 2008

Haulin' - ....Of Epic Proportions.

Hullo, everyone! Sorry I've been a little MIA over the past few days. Things, another crazy medical stint (Allergic reactions are funny things), starting a new Wednesday night bowling league (Did I even mention I bowl? No? Oh...I bowl.) and the dreaded jury duty (even though I was only there for a few hours when I was excused!)...yeah, major fail. Anyways, on to the meat and potatoes ;)

This past weekend I made a stop to mall. The mall is sneaky. It likes to slowly take my money. It tricks me with low prices and sales....and it's like everywhere else where I only had plans to buy one thing (Yes, one thing. And that one thing is for my Halloween costume...which I will unveil soon) and then leave with way more than I intended to buy. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about.

BAG CARNAGE?!?! See those bags? Those will be the death of me.

First stop was....Bath & Body Works. Do you remember what happened the last time I went to Bath & Body Works? Well, it socked it to me again. I thought to myself "I wonder what are the chances that the makeup will still be on sale?" Well, I jinxed myself. All of Vincent Longo and Awake were 75% off!!!!!!!!! This time around, the pickin's were super slim. Most of the foundation was gone, as were the lipsticks and eyeshadows. Only a few last remains like some stray foundations, lipsticks, two stains, and lots and lots of pencils (eye and lip) were left). Same with Awake, not too much left that I was interested in (didn't like the colors of lipstick and eyeshadow left).

My sale loot: Two Vincent Longo Duo eye liner pencils, the last box (!!!!) of my beloved Liquid Canvas Sheer Matte foundation, and from Awake, Stardom Blush in Lotus Pink.

There were so many of these pencils left. And they were a whopping $6.50. I only left with two, the only ones where I thought the colors were unique enough to get (since I have a lotttttt of pencils).

I mainly bought these for this end of the pencil. Urban Nights is a dark blackened purple with purple shimmer. Fawn Silk is a gorgeous shimmering beige/lilac. The texture is smooth and to-die-for.

I'm sooooo impressed with Awake cosmetics. This blush is no exception. It feels like silk when I touch it with my finger and the finish isn't glittery or overly shimmery- just a sophisticated sheen. These were also $6.50, I also picked up a deeper shade for my mom.

Next it was to Gottschalks (I realize that these aren't nation-wide and pretty indigenous to California. It's like Macy's...but for your Grandma. But I still like it because I can find some really sophisticated dresses, fantastic bras, and they have a great cosmetic department). I passed the Too Faced counter and saw a bright red 30% off sign. It wasn't on everything, just the palettes and sets.

I could have easily left with more. Easily. But I restained myself and left with a Mini Quickie Chronicle in The Cupcake (picked up another for my friend's birthday next week), a regular Quickie Chronicle in The Fabulous Flirt, and something I've never seen before (or never noticed): Eyes of Envy palette.

The Eyes of Envy Palette. It's supposed to be a smoky eye palette. I was absolutely fascinated by the color palette! The shades are super smooth and silky and pigmented, and don't have a glitter-fest like the regular Too Faced duos/singles have. This is going to be so much fun to play with!

Then on Tuesday, my Aunt dumped this major Avon/Mark haul on me. I don't even remember ordering half this stuff >.<

The whole load.

Magalog 10 will feature three different 3-piece sets catered to certain skin types. I picked up the oil control set. Even though I got it at the rep price, the regular price is going to be a steal at $30 for the whole set (Including the cute bag!). I've only tried Matte Chance and can't wait to try out the other two.

New Avon Extreme Glazewear in Charmed Rose. This is from the new fall collection.

Mark Winkink felt tip eyeliner in Teal. Faaaaaaaaabulous. Picked this up in an outlet booklet. How did I miss these the first time around?

New blush from the same Fall collection as the lipgloss. This is
Retro Rouge in Charmed Rose (too!!). Haven't had time to properly test this out but it's so darned pretty.

Here is the new Mark Face Glow in Quartz....look familiar? Supposed to be Mark/Avon's answer to the MAC Mineralized Skin Finish. I don't own a MSF, so I don't have anything to compare it too, but, look! It's so pretty! :)

I know it's not makeup, but I picked up this Le Sport Sac "Greta" style bag and cosmetic bag for $22. Yes. Both. $22. I found them both in the clearance bins already marked down to an awesome price, but then they had an additional 40% off PLUS I had a $10 off coupon (to use with my Macy's card). I seriously almost had a heart attack. What were the odds that I would find a matching set?

*whew* I think I'm done for a while. Like, seriously. I'm going to be traveling to Palm Desert in October, and you know what that means...outlets (plus a really great mall in town, and an Ulta and MAC store in Rancho Mirage)!!!! I think I'll be kicking back for a bit (unless it's something I really really really really really really really really want or is going to disappear off the earth if I don't get it a certain day) and saving up for that trip.

Please let me know if you want to see a more through report/photos on any product!


Starry x2 night said...

Wow, what a haul! Those VL pencils are just stunning!

...I think I'm going to have to get that Avon blush. *sucker for the pretty things* How is the pigmentation, btw?

slauslau said...

Wow wow wow. Love everything. going to run to BBW today. Which one did you hit up? I also am jeals of the le sportbags and going to run over to macy's too and use my coupon. thanks for posting the MAJOR haul. loving ur blog.

Katrina said...

Sweet Avon haul, I love their stuff.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, your haul is HUGE! I always love seeing what you purchased :)

I can't believe AVON has dupes for the mineralized skin finishes! This is good news to me. Well, sorta. The last time I tried on Avon foundation, my skin broke out horribly. Hopefully since then they changed their formula because I can't bring myself to spend so much money on MAC's MSF.

I hope you include some photos from the Eyes of Envy palatte! Gorgeous colors!

Vanessa - Van's Makeup Ride said...


Krishna Patel said...

I have most of these products because avon is my fav brand.. I love your blogs and posts :) I started my own beauty blog too.. hope its a succes :)