Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Haulin' - Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale

Yes...I know, I know. I've been hauling. I told myself to cool it when it came to spending but I AM WEAK! In a moment of passion (um, so to speak), I cracked. I went into Bath & Body Works over this past weekend and told myself I would check out the sale and "just buy some soap"


(5) Anti-Bac Hand soaps, Goldie Tinted Moisturizer, (3) Goldie Tinted Lip Balms, Goldie Lipstain, C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine, Awake Eye Tint

First thing that caught my eye was the copious amount of Goldie items on clearance (some 50%, some 75%). I had to dig through some large glass containers for these Tinted Lip Balms, but they were so worth it!

These were a lot thicker and pigmented than I thought they were going to be, you know, for a tinted lip balm. They feel much more like a "soft" lipstick? Not really a liquid lipstick, but more if you mushed up a lipstick and applied it soft (not sure if that makes sense, but it sounds good in my head).

My favorite is Mama for everyday. It's a soft medium pink and just gives my lips a little "oomph" of color. Monk looks brown in the above photo, but it's got more of a berry tone to it in real life. I didn't get a good swatch of this but it can go on much more darker (I had to blot after I applied, leaving a more stained effect). Demon is definitely not an everyday shade for me, but it's a lot of fun and for $3 a pop, I couldn't pass it up.

I am not really big on lipstains, but I like them and use them once in a while. The Goldie Lipstains came out to around $1.25 each. I only found one color, Fancy. In the photo below, it looks quite red. And in real life, it looks more brown. But, it only looks brown in the tube. When I put it on the stain came out more burgundy, and was quite gorgeous:

My store happens to carry both Vincent Longo and Awake cosmetics, and even better they were both 50% off!!! I had my bag stocked with Longo products, but I evidently put them back (my mom did end up buying a lipstiain, and she loves it). Awake is a brand I have never tried before, and often played with when I went into the store but would never buy since it is on the pricey side. I mean, how could I not try one thing at 50% off?

After what seemed like hours of choosing one product, I finally decided on the Eye Tint in Cognac. I was fascinated, I've never seen a product like it. The number one clincher was the color. A gorgeous, shimmery, liquidy, delicious blend of taupe/silver/plum. The swatch looked so promising on my hand, but the outcome was entirely different on my eye.

I find that the best way to apply it (for me) is in light layers. The first time I applied it I loaded up my brush and slathered it across my lid. Once I blinked...well, maybe you can imagine the result. A little goes a long way with this product. About 3 coats/layers gave me a nice solid color. I think I need a little more practice to get the maximum effect, but so far I like it!!!

I guess my next project/task is "shopping" my own stash. I couldn't believe how many things that I forgot I had. I also plan on taking some stash photos. The last stash photo session...it's nothing close to what it looks like now. So. It should be interesting.

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