Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hidden Gems - LA Splash Eye Sparkle

A nice little treat to get you through this last half of the week (this very....long...week. Is it like this for everyone else?).....

About a week ago, I ventured to one of the last remaining Kmarts in my area (seriously, who knew that store would still be holding on today?) and came across a new display from LA Splash Cosmetics. I am not a stranger to this brand, but was excited to see that they have revamped their image since I last had a visit with them. It seems like LA Splash is going through some sort of transitional phase. If you visit Cherry Culture, you'll still find their products listed, but it's just under the name "Splash" (Sans LA). If you google, you'll get two different website addresses, one website goes with what is listed on Cherry Culture under the name of just "Splash". Another website goes with it's new "revamped" look (and looks like it's currently under construction).

On this display was a small offering of eye sparkle (loose shadows) and liquid liners. There were about 10 or so to chose from, and only left with one:

Conch Coco

There were mostly bright shades, this was one of the only "neutral" shades in the display. Just looking at it in the store, it looked rather pretty. A nice dark shimmery brown.

Once I got it home, I was SUPER surprised.

Conch Coco is a definite gem. It's a beautiful dark brown with some major sparkle. There's a big difference from the eye sparkle I tried a long time ago. The old eye sparkle was very gritty, the base color was chalky and there was huge glitter. This is a HUGE improvement. The brown base color is really pigmented and the shimmer is really fine. When I was doing these swatches, I came to realize something. This definitely reminded me of something I already owned. I ran over to my stash and dug through my drawers. Then, I found it!!!

Left: Bare Escentuals Drama
Right: LA Splash Conch Coco

I am quite surprised....Bare Escentuals glimmer in Drama looks a lot like Conch Coco. The photo looks like they are exact dupes, and they are really close, but not dupes. Drama is a bit lighter and definitely more taupe, Conch Coco is darker in general. But, I do have to say that they share the same texture, pigment, and sparkle-factor. I paid about $4 for this and definitely worth it. I'm not sure where else this is poping up at, but keep an eye out for it at Kmart and online at it's new (hopefully) website.

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Y. said...

We got this at work last month! They're gorgeous! But...just a warning NOT for contact wearers. I had to retire a brand new pair because I could not get the glitter off of them! :( I was so, so sad.