Saturday, July 25, 2009

A sucker for a fairy tale

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned on here a few times before that I am still a sucker for anything fairy tale related. Anything. Especially anything Snow White related.

It was no surprise that I was instantly lemming polishes from the newest release from Orly, Once Upon A Time. I was on a mission to find the most popular color from the collection, Enchanted Forest, a deep dark green cream. I high-tailed it over to my local Sally's, not holding my breath either, since I've had past experiences where they are pathetically late getting the newest releases. But, behold!!! I was about 10 feet away from the door when I saw the little display on the shelf- success!!!!

Happily Ever After, Enchanted Forest, Poison Apple

I was also itching to purchase another shade from the collection, Mirror Mirror, which is (surprise!!!!) a light gray creme. Unfortunately, I asked the gal working there and she said that this was all they received in their shipment (they also had Prince Charming, which is a light brown-taupey (?) shade. Loved the name, hated the color). They might receive the other two shades in the collection at a later date. Either way, these polishes are simply stunning!!!! They also come with a cute little charm...what I'll do with them...I don't know, but they were definitely another selling point for me.

Happily Ever After
Stunning color. It's not really pink, not really purple, and has a super subtle shimmer. I don't do pinks on my tips (just for toes!), but I might make an exception for this one. Comes with a darling pink slipper charm :)

Enchanted Forest
Pretty much the winner of the collection. Green is looking to be the IT color this fall, and to me this looks like it's one of the best to be released. It's a dark (but not too dark!), lush green that's a straight up creme, no shimmer. Comes with a multi-colored butterfly charm.

Poison Apple
Okay okay OKAY. I admit, this was purchased purely for the name. Can you blame me? This bright red is a little different from any other reds that I have. It's got a lot of punch to it- it's not a plan, flat red...if that makes any sense. I might have to use this for my Halloween costume this year (Yes, I'm already working on it!!!)....and of course, comes with an ADORABLE apple charm!!

I'm a bit on a polish kick, if you haven't noticed. I guess I feel like I've "hit a wall" when it comes to other cosmetics. I go to the store...I wander around...I find something...I think: "Wait, do I already have something similar? Do I really need another neutral pink lipgloss?" It's a vicious cycle, really. I find that I'm getting very picky when it comes to buying stuff and I'm definitely over-analizying things. If I'm absolutely sure I don't have anything like it, I'll buy it. Ahhh, well. I'm sure we all get to a point like this right?


To end off this post, I have some wonderful news!!!

You remember my lovely pup, Cinnamon?

(I know, this is her best "What The Hell Are You Doing?" look)

She has a sister!!!!!!
Meet Chiquita:

She's the most darling thing ever. We kind of rescued her. The people we got her from were literally going to abandon her. They were going to be moving (they kind of had their own's a sad story to begin with) and were going to leave little Chiquita behind. And in my part of California, it gets hot. Very. Very. Hot. Our record high so far was 112 (maybe 114?). Well, my step-dad decided to bring her home, just to see how she fit in. She was mostly an outside dog, so she wasn't used to an AC-fuled first...she became comfy very quickly!! She got along with my parents, she got along with me, and most of all- she got along with Cinnamon.

...Well, I can't say the same for Cinnamon just yet. Cinnamon is used to being the only child, so she kept her distance from Chiquita the first few days. After that, she got closer. She started to sniff her. They started eating from one others food bowl. I think after a few more weeks Cinnamon will let her guard down and start to really embrace her. They haven't fought, which is a good sign I think!! I can't believe that someone was going to just leave this little angel out in the heat alone. She's so sweet and mellow, and I've only heard her bark once!!! If I could, I would literally take in every stray/abandoned dog I see. We had been thinking about getting another dog for a while, and I think she is the absolute perfect addition to our family :) that I've tired you out with that rambling, it's oficially Saturday!! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


Askmewhats said...

Cinnamon and sister Chiquita looks too cute! I'm a dog lover! So I just want to reach out and pet them :)

Great polish! And great charm!!!!!

Recessionista! said...

Could you pack more CUTE into this post? I don't think so. :)