Monday, July 27, 2009

NOTD: Omega Labs Hot Green

I swear, I am not turning this into a polish-exclusive blog ;) But you have to admit- polish is a hellofalot of fun ;D

I had a pretty, polish-filled weekend. I spent some time with my cousin (who happens to have her cosmetology license. I was her model when she took [& passed] her test!) on Saturday shopping, eating sushi, singing Michael Jackson in the car (that's pretty much the only thing we listened to ALL DAY), just being cousins ;)

She took me to this fabulous little place in a nearby town, what polish-lovers call a "dusty". Dusty shops are...well...just as they sound. So old and looked-over there's dust on the polishes :) This place is a small nail supply store. Usually nail supply stores are for folks that have licenses, but this was open to the public. One could use their license for extra perks like a heavy discount on polishes (like, $3 for the new China Glaze collection) and access to special equipment and machines. However, the polishes were free game and no license was needed to purchase :D

Omega Labs polish in Hot Green is one of 2 polishes that I left with (pardon the chips already, I did those on my own that no top coat would have prevented). I have a heavy obsession right now with green polish (Yeah, I know this is only my second one so far- but I have another on the way from Sephora!). The name is kind of deceiving. Hot Green? Yes, it's green- but no way "hot" in the sense that I think it would be. It's your basic green, not too dark and not too bright in a cream formula. I am so in love with this polish. This is two coats, I am still working on my polishing skillz, but you can see very easily where my first and second coats are. This is sure an eye-sore with the flash, but not noticeable in real life. I'm very pleased with the formula, the color is beautiful and even without the aid of a top coat, it dried rather quickly. This beautiful bottle only cost me $1.50!!!

I have to gush more about this little store, it was amazing. They had one aisle with three shelves just PACKED with polish (I tried to take a picture with my phone, but even for a small store it was busy and I couldn't get a good picture). There were mostly "small" (but wonderful) brands like Station, Omega (they have the most gorgeous glitter polishes!!), New York Summer, and Chelsea. Those were about $1.50-ish. There were two racks full of color-chanigng polishes (some from Toma and another brand I'm not familiar with). Then they also had racks of OPI, Color Club, Orly, and China Glaze. It was a mish-mash, colors both new and old....very old.

I came across some ancient China Glaze polishes, the old OLD bottle. I didn't buy any, but I did some research and they were from a collection called Coral Reef. Does anyone know what year that came out? The polishes were really old and thick, nothing a little thinner can't fix. And there were a TON! I didn't take the time to really dig through the China Glaze and OPI racks, who knows what I would have found!!! I know that I'm definitely going to go back and do some more rummaging!!


Askmewhats said...

this is the kind of green I'm looking For :) Thank you for the wonderful photo

Recessionista! said...

OMG, this looks like the infamous and elusive NARS Zulu! And it was $1.50? Getouttahere! Kah-raze-ee! Love it.

Tanya @ The Pink Train Case said...

@Recessionista: Is this really Zulu material?! Awesome!! :D

flinty said...

Lucky! I am so lemming Omega Labs polishes but I can't seem to find them anywhere besides salon-type dusties and then they want to charge me $5-7 for them.