Sunday, May 31, 2009

Benefit's Velvet Eyeshadow (+ other stuff).

I've been a long (long long loooong) time Benefit fan, so I was thrilled when I saw the release of the new Velvet Eyeshadows. These are absolutely beautiful, so I treated myself to a couple of shades for my birthday.

Fawn Over Me
Where There's Smoke

Fawn Over Me.

Fawn Over Me is described on Benefit's site as a "cafe au lait" shade. I expected this to me much darker in person, but I'm still very pleased with the color. It's much more of a beige shade, perfect for a nice wash of light color on the lid.

Where There's Smoke

THIS is the money shade. Where There's Smoke is described as a "smokey pewter" and it's GORGEOUS. It's almost like the powder version of the Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner is Skinny Jeans, except Where There's Smoke has a bit more complexity to it.

Fawn Over Me, Where There's Smoke

The texture of these are so smooth and buttery. They have really nice pigmentation and blend and go on wonderful. I didn't experience any fallout working with these, and these last well all day long. These are only two of the 9 shades available, and they retail for $18 each. And may I add, it's definitely worth it.

Looking at the swatches I made on my arm, I thought that it reminded me of another shade, MAC's Sweet Sienna pigment.....

Left: Where There's Smoke
Right: Sweet Sienna pigment
I don't know. I see the similarities but at the same time they're nothing alike. Not sure. What do you think?


As a briefly mentioned at the beginning of the entry, a few weeks ago I celebrated my birthday, I turned the "big" 25! I didn't make a big deal of it on here, all-in-all I didn't make a big deal of it. I had originally wanted to go out of town (a few places came to mind, Disneyland, Vegas, the coast), but time just didn't allow me to do that. Anyways, I just had a low-key at home. I celebrated with a HUGE potluck at work (my co-workers know how to throw a birthday potluck), tons of food, delicious home-made cake, and one of those Hallmark music cards that played "Brick House"!!! Later that night I had dinner at a wonderful mom-and-pop Italian restaurant at home. See, all I need are the simple things :)

Okay....I know I just said that I like the simple things...but for my birthday I did splurge a bit. I may have mentioned that I love all things Disney. Looooove. Love. Especially anything Snow White related. So, for my birthday decided to order the Snow White Poisoned Apple Necklace from Disney Couture:

I'm in looooooove!!! It's so much prettier in person than on the website. The price was right at $50, and plus the website where I ordered it from, Regencies.Com, was having a 10% sale at the time, so I saved a few bucks (ETA: the 10% sale is still going on, according to the site. Enter "spring" at checkout!). It's really great quality, and has a nice weight to it that I wasn't expecting. I wore it to work for the first time this week and everyone loved it, said it really went with my personality (since that faithful Halloween 3 years ago, I am still affectionately called "Snow White" by a few people). On top of being gorgeous, it's also a topic-starter.

Lastly, if you see some typos on the next few entries, that's because...well...I had a bit of an accident today. I accidentally smashed my finger in my car door *blushes*. Hey, we've all had one of those days, right? Of course it's my right hand (my bowling hand) and my 4th/ring finger (again, one of the bowling fingers!). I didn't break it, just pinched a boat-load of nerves therefore I'm in moderate pain right now. I also slapped on one of those finger guard/brace things, and it's kind of awkward! Haha, I can type, but a little slow and the guard is hitting keys I don't want it to! I'm sure I'm okay- just as long as I'm healed by bowling night (Thursday)!!


Y. said...

When I opened the box of the new Benefit shadows at work I almost cried. It was like Christmas! A couple of the shadows are almost exact replicas of some of the older cream shadows (Nina's Nugget) and the most popular cream shadows! I was pretty stoked.

You should review those Smashbox glosses I got you because they're fabu.

T said...

I hope your finger gets better.
I love that necklace. very cool.

Rae said...

Happy belated, hon!! LOVE the necklace - it's so cute, and absolutely perfect for you!

Hope your hand's feeling better soon :)

Faith said...

Ahh, I LOVE Snow White! She's always been my favorite Disney princess, and I've been Snow White twice for Halloween. :)
Fawn Over Me looks gorgeous, methinks I'll have to try it out. Where There's Smoke looks like it might be a little dark for my uber pale complexion.