Monday, July 06, 2009

Review - Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Treatment

Hello everyone!! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend :)

First, I have to say that my hair is such a basket case! Right now my hair is just right at my shoulders, which is "long" for me. I usually keep my hair above my shoulders, but my hair is actually behaving and has stopped thinning (due to medication), so I'm seeing how long I can keep my hair (I'm actually on a bet with my dad. He bet me that I don't cut my hair until his birthday in October!).

The thing is I have a lot of hair- but it's just thin. The summer it's the worst- my hair is more oily at the roots and dry at the ends. I usually have a plethora of different hair products in my arsenal to get my hair just right. But usually, one product poops out on me and it's never enough.

I admit, I was a little weary to try this out at first. I mean, putting OIL on my thin, usually flat hair?? Doesn't make any first.

I first mentioned this product when I listed it as one of the products I received in My Pretty Pink Box. Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Treatment is really a wonder product that took me by complete surprise. I used it in two different ways and it totally blew my mind!!!!

The first day I used this product was actually on the 4th. I was getting ready for my family to invade my household (I love them, I swear!!) and added two small dollops of the treatment on my hair; smoothing it in starting at my ears and working down. Whatever I had left on my hands I ran it just over the top of my hair. I wrapped my head up in a towel and continued to get ready. When I was ready to dry my hair, I took my towel off and just started to run the dryer through my hair....

.....this is when I noticed hair was soft, shiny, and CURLY. Now, another tidbit about my hair is that in it's natural state it's wavy/curly. I usually HATE it like that (I blow dry it straight everyday), but this was different. My curls were more uniform, and my hair was shiny and soft!!! That day I did something I never do- go out with my hair natural. I have to admit, it looked good. Surely a small part of hell froze over.

Today I used the treatment during my normal blow-dry routine. I placed two small drops into my hair, just as I described previously, and added just a bit more to the top of my hair, and into my bangs. I hoped I wouldn't end up with a greasy mess, as I usually do when I place more product in that area. Then I added some volumizing mousse, and went to work. I was surprised at how smooth my hair was. And again, prior to what I thought about adding this oil-type product to my hair, it was surprisingly light. My hair stayed shiny and light and smooth all day. The ends of the back of my hair tend to get really dry by mid-day (Eww, recycled, cold office air), and today I did not have any case of that. As for my bangs, they also stayed nice and smooth, shiny and straight! I usually have to battle with my bangs to keep them straight in the summer, or else they curl up and get wavy in the heat (it's amazingly annoying). Today....straight and smooth.

All in all I am absolutely amazed at this product!!! This is all I needed to use on my hair:

Actually, it's a little more than what I originally wanted to show, but I use two drops approximately this size for my hair (maybe a little smaller). That's it!

I can't rave enough about this- I can't believe that it actually feels so light on my hair, not greasy at all. The smell is particularly alluring to me, funny enough. It has somewhat of an earthy smell, slightly nutty, maybe? I'm horrible at scents but I really like the way it smells. And feels. Have I mentioned how great it feels on my hair? :)

I'm not sure how much this costs in stores, since I received it from My Pretty Pink Box, but I did find it for purchase at this site for $19.99. It may be a little expensive for some, but it's totally worth it and this bottle, assuming you use as little as I do, will last you quite a while!


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We have this in the goody box @ work. I might have to snag some!

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