Monday, January 26, 2009

The Mascara Hit List.

I have to say, when I review a new product I try to keep an open mind. I really do. I takes me a while to reprt back because I give a product a few tries just in case it doesn't work the first time around. I figure I have to give it a fair chance, right?

Well, I've given these two products all the chances they could get.

Now, I admit I'm one to give into "hype" sometimes, and I picked up these two mascaras on a whim and a buzz- it seemed like everyone was talking about these mascaras. This isn't the first time- remember a little mascara called Lashblast? Anyways- I had hoped that all the hype would actually live up when I put these to the test. Would I get lengthy, shiny or sexy, curvy lashes?


And nay.

Rimmel Sexy Curves
Maybelline Lash Stiletto

.....don't even bother.

Now, you can take my word however you want to. You may try these and find these do wonders to your lashes. As for me- they did NADA. Neither of these mascaras delivered on their promises. Both did the same, again, NOTHING.

First, Sexy Curves. Umm....where? Sure, the wand is really cool looking and the tube is pretty- but this did absolutely nothing in the volume department, and as for my curl? KILLED. I couldn't believe that a mascara that promises curled and curvy lashes made them PIN STRAIGHT.

As for Lash Stiletto....this totally made my eyes burn with a million fires. Well, not so much a million fires, but close enough. I made the mistake of wearing this home on my trip back from Las Vegas this weekend (more on that later- I paid a visit to a CCO!!). Usually the time on the road does nothing to me, but this mascara mde it unbearable. All day long on the 5+ hour drive home I kept picking out tine flecks of mascara out of my eye. The lovely burning sensation gave it a nice touch. This mascara promises looooong lashes, again, pin-straight. Didn't hold a curl. The packaging is once again top-notch and absolutely cute but does nothing when on the lashes.

I guess this is an age-old lession by which looks are decieving. All that flashy and cute packaging could not save these msacaras from their terrible performance.


GlossMenagerieDotCom said...

Eek how sad. :( I was recently given a tube of Rimmel Sexy Curves...I think I might still try it out. I mean heck, it was free.

I'm way more sad about stiletto though, because I love maybelline mascaras. Haven't tried that one, but so many people say it's awful.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of surprised since Sexy Curves has gotten pretty decent reviews on other beauty blogs, but in a way, I figured it wasn't that great. The only thing I really like from Rimmel London is their eyebrow pencils. They work for me, atleast. :)

Pixie said...

Thank you for the review! I was lemming the Rimmel. Not anymore :D

Toma said...

Now I'm definitely not trying the Lash Stiletto. I just wanted it because of the cute packaging anyway. This is the 2nd bad review I've read.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I use the Lash Stiletto daily, and I love it. It really lengthens my lashes, and even though it's not waterproof, it lasts all throughout my day, and the only time it looks bad is when I sleep with it on, because I sleep on both of my sides so my lashes get crumpled :/
But this is one of the top mascaras I've tried and I plan to stick with this one. I wear glasses all the time for now, and when I take them off my lashes still look great after brushing against the glasses for a while. No burning and no flaking for me.