Thursday, January 29, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

As I briefly mentioned in the last entry, this past weekend I paid a little visit to good ol' Las Vegas to participate in a bowling tournament. I think I may have mentioned that, yes, I am a bowler and have been since I was a tot (Well, not really a tot but since I was 6). I, along with my step-dad and a couple of others, went to bowl in a PBA Pro-Am Tournament, meaning that we got to bowl with the pros!!! It was my first time doing a tournament like this and it was so much fun!! I admit I was really nervous at first bowling with these guys I see on TV all the time- but once we started I cooled off and the pros were all so nice!!! Here are some photos:

Here I am overly excited at the Casino/Bowling Alley the tournament was held at- Red Rock Casino. Let me tell you, this place was niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

Here I am with Pro Bowler Danny Wiseman!! It was so funny because my mom has a mad crush on this guy. I had hoped and on the verge of praying that I would get to bowl with him, just for the sake of my mom. And- I did!!! We bowled three games and each game the pros rotated, and I got to bowl with him the first game. He was sosososososo nice and told me my ball had a good curve :D

With the famous Norm Duke! I know you may not know who these guys are- but these guys are veryveryVERY famous in the bowling world- legends! Norm here is ranked the #7 in the "50 Greatest Players of the Last 50 Years".

And with Tony Reyes- he was the last pro I bowled with and I know it sounds redundant but he was SO NICE!

I know this is kinda random but isn't this beautiful? I walked around The Forum Shops at and Caesars Palace on Saturday night (it was nice because there wasn't many people out) and had to stop by the Carolina Herrera boutique. It was nice and quiet so I snapped some pictures :) Here's my next about 20 years when I save up enough money.

Okay- enough with the ball talk ;) Time for some makeup! Whenever I travel out out of town, I always make it a point to stop by an outlet center (If I'm near one)...and I definitely make it a point to stop at a CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet). Unfortunately I'm not very close to one (though I do have an outlet center close to me) of these stores- so I'm always excited to see what I can find.

I stopped at the the CCO store at the Primm Outlet, at the Nevada state line. I don't know how many of you will stop at this particular store, but I just thought I would share with you what I found at this location.

First, eye products:
They had a lot of single eye shadows. They had some from the Starflash collection (no Smoke and Diamonds though!!), a couple from Naughty Nauticals , some from the regular line, there might have been a couple from the McQueen collection, and a couple of from Neo Sci-Fi, Cool Heat and Moonbathe. There were plenty of Fluidlines (around 8), Paint Pots (again, around 8), about every Paint (tube) available, and there were two containers full of liners (No Power Kohls or Pearlglides- boo!) and shadesticks. Oh- and pigments! There were about 7 pigments for sale (As well as a glitter)- all very pretty but none came home with me.

There were also a few palettes- I was surprised to see one of the Fafi quads, all the palettes (both eye and lip) from the Nordstrom's Color Forms collection, as well as two interesting palettes, called "Trip" that came in both warm and cool and included three shadows and two lipsticks in each. I almost picked one up, but passed when I realized the lip products wouldn't work for me.

As for face products- there were TONS! Lots of foundation, concealers, and skin care products. I spotted some MSF products like the Natural powders and the duos, that came with a highlighter. I saw one Sulpt & Shape powder, both blushes from Neo Sci-Fi, and the highlighter powders again from the Color Forms collection. There were 5 "regular" powder blushes and a few cream blushes.

They even had a good selection of nail polishes- about 10. I spotted the shades that came out with the Heatherette collection. And, yes- lots of lip products. Tendertones, the tinted lip conditioner pots, Mattene lipsticks, lots of regular lipsticks and lipgloss including the 3D glosses (I can't remember the collection name) and stuff from Fafi. I was surprised at all the Fafi stuff- they even had Fafi bags and the Fafi dolls (which were so small!!) So, yeah- as you can see it would have been EASY to walk out of there with bags falling off my arms...but you know what I came home with?

Three things. Only three.

Magnetic Fields from Neo Sci-Fi
Warming Trend from Cool Heat
(Not pictured: Syrup lipstick. Yummm!)

It was inevitable that I would walk out of there with the two most taupey looking shadows in the store.

I was really excited for Magnetic Fields- it was one of those "I wish I would have picked that up" shadows and thought I would never come across it. Boy, did I get lucky!!! Warming Trend is so pretty as a wash with Magnetic Fields smudged as a liner- a match made in heaven!

Anyways, I think I'm still recovering from my trip- I felt like I needed to sleep in this whole week! The "fun" (I use this term sarcastically) didn't stop when I got home- on Tuesday I got a call from my bank wanting to verify some purchases I made on my atm/debit card. I verified all the purchases I made when I was in Vegas....then they got to a pending transaction for $625 at TOYS R US!!!! And in Van Nuys (some geographical information: I'm about a good 200 miles away from the greater Los Angeles area)!!!! Needless to say my card was closed and blocked and some punk somehow scammed my card number. I was really upset and scared but I was so grateful that my bank swiftly took care of the whole situation. So gals- be very careful and look out for any suspicious activity on your cards!


Pixie said...

Wow, sorry about your card. Any idea how it happened?

Magnetic Fields is lovely. It's the only thing I kept from Neo Sci-Fi. I swapped the rest away.

I went to high school with the European Juniour champion in Women's bowling. She was really cool. She also worked in a bowling alley, so she could practice in the breaks lol.

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

I bowled from the age of 10-18 in a league but I haven't bowled for yrs. I use to really enjoy it!

GlossMenagerieDotCom said...

Sounds like a fun trip, and I agree...magnetic fields is GORGEOUS.