Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Taupe Tuesdays! - BOGO!!

Okay, since I skipped out on Taupe Tuesday last week, I've decided to make this a twofer entry...a BOGOF, if you will ;)

Today's couple are from two different ends of the Taupe Spectrum, but are still very worthy and beautiful and, the best part, won't break your bank!

On the menu today:NYX Beanie

Cover Girl Tapestry Taupe

First, Cover Girl's Tapestry Taupe.
Yes, Cover Girl.
Really...don't kock it just yet.

I admit, I had my own skeptics. I mean...Cover Girl? When I picked this up, I honestly wasn't expecting much. So...believe you me, I was very surprised when I swiped and found a really decent, pretty brown taupe!! The texture isn't out of this world, it's a little on the hard side, but itsn't so bad considering it's, you know, Cover Girl. Oh, and it's very very close to Urban Decay Stray Dog. Stray Dog is a bit more darker and has a bit more shimmer. It's not exact. You can decide for yourself.

Next....NYX Beanie!

NYX Beanie has become one of those cult products. One of those items that you just have to own. It's no wonder, NYX shadows in general are some of the best you can get, especially for it's low price. Beanie is just one of those shades that just makes you go "Ahhhhhhh" I just get all calm and wonderful when I wear it. The texture on this shadow is just yummy and silky and buttery. It's a silvery taupe (with even a bit of purple) and it's so nice, this doesn't even need a base. Really. It's just so lovely and right on the top of my "Top Taupe" list :)

Swatch time: Left - Tapestry Taupe. Right - Beanie.

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed today's BOGOF special. I'm going to try and keep up as best as I can with posting this week. Over the past few days my internet/DSL connection has been on the fritz and is off and on quite a bit (I guess my whole neighborhood is having problems...thanks ATT DSL!) =/ And I hate doing entries on my lunch at work because Blogger never works and likes to format things really funky. Bah. Stay tuned!!!


Starry x2 night said...

Yay! Glad to see you back on your feet!

Tapestry Taupe really does look like Stray Dog, and Beanie has to be the prettiest color ever.

Thanks for the swatches!

Katrina said...

Both are gorgeous colors!

...Now why don't I own beanie yet?

T said...

I had tapestry taupe. It is the only shadow I where I hit pan. I love that shade, which is pretty crazy because CG isn't the greatest for shadows.

Katy said...

I use to use NYX a lot then I started buying MAC when I had more money and now I can't go back! I'm trying to be more thrifty nowadays so I'm going to try go back to NYX again! =P

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