Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Look what finally rolled in...

Yes! The Natural Beauty by Carmindy line from Sally Hansen!!
I've heard/read that displays are slowly popping up around drugstores nation-wide. I had to chuckle at the fact that out of all the drugstores, it comes up at the old Rite Aid in my small town. I was rather tempted to try out a little of everything, but only came home with Ethereal pressed powder blush. Kinda reminded me of Benefit's Thrrrob powder (maybe just a smidge darker)- but I'll have to investigate further into that. But besides that, it wore well and gave my cheeks a fresh pop of pink :)


T said...

I wasn't excited about Carmindy's line before, but after seeing this display and reading your review. I am tempted. I'll have to check my rite aid and cvs and wait for a sale.

Anonymous said...

oh, how exciting! i didn't know they had REAL makeup, that's so cool!

I noticed that you're from cen cal! i am too and i completely agree with you: the summers are killer!

The Home Spa Goddess said...

Great pic! Was that with your cell phone?

I'm starting a feature on my blog, about all the products beauty blogger can't live without. Your blog is great and I'd love for you to participate:)

Just answer this question:

You're stranded on a desert island where all of your basic needs (food, water, shelter) are taken care of. You are allowed an unlimited supply of only 7 beauty products. What seven products would you choose?

They can be products for hair, face or body. If you want to participate just email me your answers at hsg{at} and put "Island Beauty" in the subject line. I'm going to run my "Island Beauty" feature once a week and I'll email you when you're featured.


Tanya Annette said...

@ t: Please do check it out! There's a lot of product and there's something for everyone to check out :)

Tanya Annette said...

@ Nikki: Yes!! The line has been out for a while, but it just trickled into my neck of the woods.

I see you go to FSU? Fresno? I'm in Fresno too!!! Small world, eh? :)

Tanya Annette said...

@ Home Spa Goddess: Thank you so much!!! I would love to participate and will get back to you as soon as I can. That's a tough question and must chose wisely ;)

Tanya Annette said...

Oh, and yes this was taken with my cell phone ;)