Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wet 'n' Wild - New Limited Edition Trios.

Why, hello...and welcome to a random Monday update...

I ended up going to the Benefit Bash on Saturday- it was really fun!!! I bought some great products and got a lot of free goodies. I have pictures, but that will come a little later. Now, here are some photos of the new Wet 'n' Wild eyeshadow trios. Again I apologize for the lack of accurate color on these, I have still yet to master the right settings on my camera for the most true-to-life pictures:

This one is a little more true to life, but still rather garish:

Earth Brown

Aqua Marine.

Moss Green.

Pink Petal.
I haven't worn these on my eye just yet, but just by swatching I'm going to make the bold statement that these are probably the best batch of trios released. The colors are vibrant, and the middle color of each trio are some of the most complex shades I've seen. Especially the middle shade of the Aqua Marine, it has a dirty taupe base with blue/green duo chrome...never seen anything like it (in a drugstore shadow).

Anyways, I'm pretty excited right now because I'm going to the American Idol tour when they stop in my city (Fresno, the second stop on the tour!!!!). I know, it's entirely geeky but I'm okay with that :D Then I call my friend that I'm going with and she's convinced me to go to the Las Vegas concert too. Hmmm. Best weekend ever? It's not until July, but I'm already counting the days ;)

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Katrina said...

Those look so pretty, but all the middle shades look the same to me (except the purple).