Friday, May 09, 2008

Party @ Benefit!!!

I'm a little excited. Tomorrow my local Macy's Benefit counter is holding one of their famous shindigs! They just called me to set an appointment. It's a Pool/Beach Party theme so...I can tell already it's going to be a blast! Last event I went to they had a generous GWP, music, goodie bags, and cupcakes!!! Tomorrow will have the same, along with new products (hopefully they'll have the new Posie Tint!!!! Every blog I've read has something to say about it. Seriously.) and special guest artists. If I remember (and if I'm allowed), I'll snap some photos.

I had a really great birthday yesterday. I really really did. Like I mentioned, I had this weird feeling the day before that it was going to be a less-than-perfect day. But, thanks to my wonderful friends, family and co-workers, the day was absolutely wonderful. After the festivities at work, I went to a great little Italian restaurant with my parents and some of my family. My parents got me The Office Season 3, the new Julie Andrews memoir (I love her), and a set of Juicy Coture perfume, shower gel and body lotion (totally wasn't expecting this...I smell pretty rockin' now). My cousin got me the most beautiful dress ever in life (she would appreciate that I add those last few words) in a lovely seafoam green/blue. Then after dinner we came back home, had cake and ice cream and then my cousin's fiance wanted to battle me at Guitar Hero...I don't turn down a battle. The ass-kicking was level, I kicked his twice and he kicked mine twice ;)

It looks like an uneventful Friday evening so I may spend some time cleaning and organizing my stash. I have a habit of making it look gorgeous, but then as I buy new things I kinda throw it it, not bothering to organize it. Then eventually I'm back where I started. It's a vicious cycle.

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