Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American Idol *is* relevant on a beauty blog!!!

A-ha!!! Finally!!! A way I can sneak in a relevant beauty-related American Idol post *snickers*!!!!

There's one part of the American Idol site I usually always ignore (aside from the whole site all together), and that would be the Style section. Until a few days ago I had no clue there was a Style section! Lots of neat little nuggets in here. For each of the top 12 contestants, there's a style AND beauty breakdown for each week. It's a lot of (interesting) information to dig through, but here are a couple of my favorites:

Carly - Top 7 Night (Mariah Carey)

Our sweet Carly went soft yet sultry this week. We washed MAC Star Violet, a warm purple shimmer, over her lid and blended into crease with Sensational {me} from the Naturally {me} compact...creating a seamless color blend. To highlight the brow bone, Angelic {me}, a cream shimmer color, was swept over her brow bone and extended to her outer eye and cheekbone. To add intensity, Stila Cassis was blended into the lash line and slightly smudged away, and blended into the lid with Stila Black Smudge pot. To highlight on the inner lid, MUD Sugared Violet was used, softening and adding a hint of iridescence to the eye. To open up the eyes, Ardell Pixie lashes were placed on the outer ends of the eyes, and the brows were filled in and extended with Stylish {me} dark brown color from Mezhgan's Sultry {me} Palette. Once the eyes were complete, it was time to perfect her complexion. We used Me by {Me}zhgans's luminous {me} primer/foundation duo to create a flawless canvas and warmed up the skin with Sun kissed {me} bronzer. To give her a natural blush, cheeky {me} was swept over her cheeks and MAC Sweet William Cream cheek color was added to the apple of her cheeks to brighten and highlight the cheekbones. Carly's lips were lined with Precious {me} and then blended with one coat of Foxy {me}brown all over lips, and Just {me} nude was used as a highlight on the inner lip. She was fresh and ready to rock out MC!

Amanda - Top 12 Night (Lennon/McCartney)

Our forever smoky-eyed woman. First start with the eyes due to the dark shadows. By using the Lancome Black shadow with silver sparkle smoke and blending out onto made them pop! Thin Black Bobby Brown eyeliner on top and bottom adds delicate yet defining touch to the dramatic eye. We used the Ardell 53 natural strip lash, which helped open up the eye. Finished the face by using Me by Mezhgan Light/Med foundation and Primer Duo. We blended her face with Derma Color concealers and set with Me by Mezhgan light set powder. Brightening the face with Me by Mezhgan Cheeky ME gave her face life and brought everything together with her MAC Spice liner and Gold lipstick by PX. Amanda was calm, cool and collected...more and more every time she steps in the makeup chair.

I couldn't leave my (coughfuturehusbandcough) favorite out :)

David C. - Top 6 Night (Andrew Lloyd Webber)
We gave him an even skin tone by using Me by {Me}zghan's luminous {me} primer/foundation duo in medium, mixed with a little light moisturizer. We used MAC loose blot powder to reduce shine, and added a bit of drama with a little liner under the bottom lashes. We finished with a light dusting of bronzer to give him some color, and a dab of lip conditioner by MAC, and it was off to the stage.
...why am I more attracted to him knowing that he's a C4 in MAC Studio Fix? Someone explain that to me...

Take a peek at Makeup Artist Mezhgan Hussainy's personal site and her site containing her cosmetic line, Me by {me}zhgan. Very interested in that primer/foundation (oww to the $49 price tag)!!!!

That's it for now. Hopefully I will regain a life away from this show when the big showdown ends it next week (Uh...I lie. I will regain my life after I survive the two AI Tour shows I'm attending...heh). So, tell me, anyone out there care to indulge me? Do you watch American Idol? Are you as crazy over it as I appear to be every season? ;) Which David are you rooting for?

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