Wednesday, May 07, 2008

American Idol Top 4: Rock 'n' Roll all night...kinda.

I have yet to dedicate a full post to the yearly thorn-in-my-side...American Idol.

I call it a thorn simply because I start off loving every single minute of the season...then something happens towards the end that just irks me. Something that makes me cringe every season and has me pulling out my hair. Something that makes me SWEAR I'll NEVER watch this SUPID SHOW AGAIN!!!!.....but what happens every January? I'm hooked.

So, tonight the remaining 4 contestants took on the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. They had an extensive list of about, oh...500 songs to choose from to simply "wow!" us with. Oh, I was saying "wow" alright.

David Cook simply knows what works for him. I was thrilled to read that he would be performing "Hungry Like The Wolf" by Duran Duran and "Baba O'Riley" by The Who (THEWHO!!!!!KL#!LK#!!!!!! Undoubtedly my favorite band ever in life). At first I was really excited...then I got to thinking: he had a list of 500 delicious songs from decades of yore...and he picks Duran Duran? His performance of the 80s classic was fair enough. It wasn't his best and you could tell by the look in his face he knew it too. However, he totally stepped it up when he dared to step into the realm of The Who. He started off wonderfully slow and I totally dug that he did that. Then, as I expected he sped it up and totally had me wanting more (Not quite in the same intensity that he had Paula wanting more...but almost). This wasn't his best performance, but that's saying a lot in itself. I hate that Ryan warned about "This is the week we lost Daughtry" crap- The Cook fanbase is so large and smart enough to learn from that mistake that he is definitely safe this week.

I haven't had much to say about Syesha all season long. I guess I still don't. I didn't care for her off-brand knockoff of Tina Turner's "Proud Mary". This is the most I've seen her move all season long and she did look great, but still could have used a little "more" of something. Her second pick, Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come" was far better. I know a lot of folks in the blogosphere are irked that she made the comment about the Civil Rights Movement and how it parallels to her Idol journey, I don't have much to say about that. What I do have to say is that her waterworks show may pull in some votes. How many, I don't know.

Jason, Jason, Jason. Where do I begin? Jason has been a favorite of mine ever since the Top 24 performances. He had such a uniqueness to his voice and an easy-going personality (and reminds me a lot of another favorite Jason performer, Jason Mraz). But, now...he's burned. I'm very sad to see Jason where he is at right now. There has been a swirling of rumors around him since an apparent interview spinned the wrong way painted the picture that he wanted to "go home already". Then, there was the Andrew Lloyd Webber week where he performed sick. Then of course, Paulagate last week (where Paula gave him a less-than-perfect review on his second song....before he sang it).

How I feel about it, is that I think he knows that everyone wants him out (not necessarily that HE wants to go home himself) and he doesn't feel inspired anymore to give glowing performances like "Hallelujah", "Over The Rainbow" or "I Don't Wanna Cry". I don't blame the guy for not wanting to give it his all anymore. And since he feels that he's going home tonight, I'm thinking that he's thinking "Screw it, I'm playing what they're not going to like". I kinda agree that "I Shot The Sheriff" wasn't the best choice, but it screams "Jason" and he did what he did with it...pretty much nothing. His second song, "Mr. Tambourine Man" actually started off good...until he forgot a line. So, he pretty much tanked it, but that still doesn't mean he doesn't get my props because of two reasons: 1) He didn't look out into the distance and not sing anything. 2) He didn't stop and start over again (it was early into the song). Instead he hummed along (in tune and in time, I may add) and just went along with it. THAT is how a true performer would handle a forgotten lyric. I can't believe that the judges gave him so much flack for that when: 1) Brooke stopped/started TWICE. 2) David A. forgot the lyric to a BEATLES song. Neither time did the judges warn those contestants to "pack their bags". Honestly, if you block out the missing lyric, Jason sounded really nice. Very solid and upbeat. It's a shame that "the powers that be" have thrown him under a bus so many times that he doesn't have the passion anymore.

Now, little David. In the beginning, I saw the kids appeal. Now, it's annoying. I get it, I know he has a great voice for being so young. But the fact that he doesn't challenge himself with his songs and he makes them sound the same just bugs me now. I know he's the seasons Golden Boy and the apple of the judges' eye, but really, it's been sounding the same for the past few weeks already. As for his song choices, "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King and "Love Me Tender" by The King himself (but oddly enough done in the Norah Jones fashion), could he get any more bland and generic? I'm also fed up with Randy kissing his pre-pubescent behind every week. "DA BOMB DA BOMB" "DA ONE TO BEAT DAWG" "THAT WAS HOT!"....I'm now fully convinced that Daddy Archuleta is paying him off (or having an affair with him) to say these things. What pissed me off the most is Simon's comment of "crushing" the competition. WHAT?! His songs were slow, syrupy and drab. It can't be more painfully obvious who they want to win. And it's getting annoying.

As for who's going home, there are so many possibilities it hurts my head.

1) The obvious: Jason goes home. It's inevitable that The Powers That Be/Judges have thrown so many hints of wanting him gone. One outcome is that the voters will get the hint and simply not bring in the votes to keep him into the top 3 (Oh, I want an all-male top 3 so bad!!!). However...if you don't know Jason has a HUGE fanbase and he does have (and had) the numbers to save him from a not-so-thrilling performance (plus, he is the current nominee on Vote For The Worst). It happened during Andrew Lloyd Webber week and it certainly can happen again. Right now Jason looks like the upset of the top 3 and it's not totally impossible for it to happen.

2) The 2nd Obvious: Syesha goes home. Unfortunately, Syesha has shown the most improvement over the past few weeks but if you take into consideration her performances all season long, they haven't had any match to the other remaining contestants. She's definitely the wild card tonight: she either has the apparent fan base to keep here there another week or she doesn't.

3) The !Shocker!: One of the Davids goes home. I find this outcome very hard to see happening due to their large fanbases. I can already sense the David/David finale.

So, who's going home?: A definite toss up between Syesha or Jason. I won't be surprised if either one goes home tonight, each for their respective reasons. It's going to be an interesting elimination tonight!!!

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