Monday, April 07, 2008

What really goes on at work.

I make rubber band balls.

I make silly faces when people call and ask stupid questions.

That happens a lot.

Does this goofy photo make it my first official blogged FOTD? OMGITDOES.

-MUFE Full Cover Concealer (#4 Flesh)
-Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder (Light)
-Benefit Dallas

-NARS Kalahari Duo
-Clinique Cream Shaper Eyeliner (Egyptian)
-Maybelline Full 'n' Soft Mascara
-NYC Browser (w/Ardell Lash & Brow Accelerator to groom) on brows

-Faint remaints of Mark. Soothing Lip Therapy in Shimmering Shell

Hopefuly I'm going to make it over to Macy's today. I'm leaving early for an appointment with my lovely Endocrinologist. If all goes well and I'm out early- I'm hitting the counters!! To make matters worse (or, better), I was notified this weekend by mail that the limit for my Macy's card, JC Penny's card, AND CREDIT CARD were INCREASED. Boy, these people sure are trusting.


the Muse said...

lol I sometimes make funny faces too..even if the ?'s aren't stupid ;)

Happy Monday!

Tanya Annette said...

Haha! Same here! Actually, this is more of an all-day "You want me to file ALL THAT?" face :)

the Muse said...

LOL! I know the feeling. My sister and I run an insurance office together and we literally let the filing pile up for weeks on end b/c neither of us wants to do it ;)