Saturday, April 05, 2008

OUI: Ordering Under the Influence.

Surprise, surprise...I'm sick. Actually, I've been sick since last week. Did a doctor's visit last week cure me? Sadly, it did not. I've been nursing this cough and congestion deal for a few days and actually came home early from work today (after numerous comments consisting of "Um, you look like you're about to fall over", I eventually took my co-workers advice), bundled up and snoozed on meds and tea. I just popped some NyQuil softgels (that makes me sound so chic) and something prompted me to head over to The She Space, which is quickly becoming one of the hottest mineral brands around (I suspect it will eventually turn out to be Fyrinnae part II, which is an amazing brand, but so wildly popular you won't get your order for about 2 months); with a trillion (okay, maybe not that many) eye shadows offered and samples at only 50 Cents, what's not to love?

So I'm starting to feel a little happy, you know, that little buzz that the wonderful side effects of NyQuil are starting to kick in? As I'm on this high, I start entering in sample colors left and right. A greeen here, a purple there, a highlighter shade...before I know it I have 29 samples in my cart and I'm logging into PayPal. Honestly, there should be a disclaimer on all cold medications saying: "WARNING: MAY CAUSE IMPULSE ONLINE PURCHASES" Now, I'm not saying I regret my purchase, but it's just so often that I go shopping when I'm sick and medicated of some sort ;)

I wont list the samples I purchased, but my order consisted of 25 eye shadow samples, 2 highlighter samples, 1 finisher sample, and 1 blush sample. Total? $15.50,which included $1 shipping. Ahh, such low shipping fees makes my heart a'flutter. The current turnaround time is around 1 week, so hopefully I'll have delicious samples to photograph and share this time next week.

Until next post, it's off to NyQuil Land!

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Katrina said...

Ooo, did you get them yet? Do you like them? Are they sparkly? Can I see pics!?! Did you know about the 15% off sale this week?