Monday, November 02, 2009

Not So Spooky Halloween.

Halloween this year was unlike Halloween's of the past. I love Halloween, don't get me wrong. But this year the spirit has been lacking. Usually my house is decked from front yard to backyard with some kind of spider, witch, or pumpkin. I may have to attribute that to being out of the state for half of the month. My job is usually bubbling with excitement gearing up for the big Halloween potluck. I especially look forward to those. We have tons of food, music, and costume contests (Not to brag, but, I've won for the past two years in a row!). This year, for reasons which I dare not go into, the potluck was canned :(

There was still a glimmer of Halloween spirit, though. We were "allowed" to dress up in costume if we wished. But the way it was worded and handled almost made me not want to dress up, know what I mean? I didn't want to NOT dress up, but I didn't want to dress in my big usual get-up I always show up in. I still wanted to make a statement without being so flashy.

So, I came up with this "non-costume" costume for work Friday:

Surprisingly, it was a hit. People didn't know who/what I was supposed to be. I didn't know who/what I was supposed to be! It was all how you interpreted it. I was a widow, a 50s housewife (a dark one, I suppose), a French lady, etc. Personally, I either went with a 50/60s housewife that just killed her husband (AKA Betty Draper gone apesh*t crazy) or Mrs. White from the movie Clue (which would have been extra perfect if I were carrying around a rope- but, could be considered a weapon at work!). I was surprised that NO ONE at work had seen this classic 80s gem- so I had to explain that one.

The dress I had hiding in the back of my closet. I probably only wore it out once. It was perfect. The gloves were purchased at a local costume/party store. The hat, my favorite piece, is vintage. I picked it up at an estate sale sometime last year for a couple of bucks. Necklace and shoes were more things just laying around.

For foundation, I used Revlon ColorStay Active in Buff, which is usually a perfect color match for me, but I applied more than usual, giving me a slightly paler look, and used a lot of powder also making me look extra pale. My eyes were a simple, smoky eye (I somewhat based the technique off a look from Kevin Aucoin's book Making Faces) . I used colors a few NYX trios (Black & gray from trio #1. Nude and dark brown from trio #3) and used Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero to line. On my cheeks, a mix of NYX Mauve and Spice blushes. On the lips I used NYX lip liner in Dark Purple and Night Out lipstick from Hard Candy (@ Wal Mart). I wanted to do something dark, but not red. This dark, vampy plum/burgundy was perfect. And, even though I specifically bought it for this look, it actually kind of grew on me!

On Saturday, I was so tired that I just stayed in. I had a costume made in case I went anywhere, so at least I have something for next year. To be in the spirit, I threw on this comfy black cotton/jersey dress, tights (again), and some cat ears. Meow! I passed out candy all night for the kids, I really do love doing that, I love to see the costumes! We had the usual pirates, zombies and witches. I did have one boy dressed as Michael Jackson (Glove and everything! I gave him extra candy) and a middle school girl dressed as Lady Gaga. It was a nice, relaxing evening watching movies and drinking hot chocolate!

Now it's your turn, tell me about your weekend!


Maggie said...

Oh, you look fabulous! :)
Glad you had a relaxing/fun Halloween weekend!

Askmewhats said...

you don't even look a bit scary at all, you actually look GORGEOUS even with porcelein white skin :) Love it!!!

home staging said...

Hi. You really look beautiful. I think that the costume absolutely fits you. I'm just little bit sad that it is over. The weekend was great but every weekend has only two days. I have to clean the whole house once more after the party and pack the decorations. But I'm looking forward for next Halloween. And on the other hand, the Christmas are coming.

Take care,

Rae // theNotice said...

Pretending (occasionally) to be Mrs. White? AWESOME, to the tenth power. You looked, gorgeous (as always,) doll!