Monday, August 31, 2009

Urban Decay Box Of Shadows 2.....ELECTRIC BOOGALOO

Sorry for the cheesy 80s reference, but it was too hard to resist!!!

I admit, last week was a looooooong week. I was so glad for that clock to hit 5:00 Friday afternoon and greet the weekend. But- something was to meet me first when I got home. I was delighted to see a package from Urban Decay sitting on my door step, and that could only mean one thing.....


Okay...I might have slightly screamed when I opened it. Okay...I might have made my dogs look at me funny (You know, when they slightly turn their head and you know they're silently judging you?). But I didn't care!!! The first thing I did was grab my camera and started to snap pictures to share with you all :)

What you get are 16 shadows, two mini/travel size 24/7 eyeliners in Bourbon (dark brown) and Zero (black) and a mini bottle of Primer Potion. I didn't take pictures of those, since you all should know what those look like. I didn't take a picture of the top portion- it seems like the mirror on the top flap broke...I won't bug Urban Decay with it though, I probably won't use it much anyways. And I didn't take pictures of the little "look book" either, but I will, if you wish, scan the pages and post them later. The colors and pigment on all the shadows are excellent. There aren't many glitter-drenched shades like last year's set I didn't get the previous set because none of the colors reached out to me. This is totally different this year. Colors were reaching so far out to me their arms were falling off.....

Shall we press on with swatches?

Row 1:
Perversion (regular shadow in the permanent line). Gunmetal (regular shadow in the permanent line). Ecstasy (a new shadow added to the permanent line- a shimmery bright purple). AC/DC (beautiful shimmery blackened plum- I would say this is the eyeshadow version of the 24/7 eyeliner in Rockstar).

Row 2:
(taupey-beige with a little bit of glitter, not too chunky though). Sellout (regular shadow in the permanent line). Mushroom (TAUPE ALERT!!!! TAUPE ALERT!!!!! This is probably my favorite shade out of the whole palette, obviously, a gorgeous smokey brown taupe. I would kill to have this released as as single). Sphynx (pretty pink- kind of reminds me of MAC Swish, maybe just a little brighter).

Row 3:
All the shadows in this row are part of their core line, so nothing new here. Half Baked, Twice Baked, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, YDK (which I just bought as a single not too long ago).

Row 4:
(bright shimmery sky blue), Flipside (another new shadow recently added to the permanent line- a bright aqua/teal), Homegrown (pretty grassy green), Misdemeanor (LOVE this shade!! A shimmery peacock-ish color. Looks really blue here but there's a hint of green)

I also threw in my basket the Grindhouse Sharpener, just to bump me up to free shipping, but this is probably the best $8 on a sharpener I've ever spent!

All in all I am very very VERY pleased with this set. I wasn't too wow-ed with the previous Book of Shadows, but this one looks much more useable, for me anyways. There's a nice mix of neutral and fun shades, which makes it easy to stretch this palette for a multitude of uses. And not to mention you really get a good bang for your buck (I know, that sounded funny!). This set will cost you $48, and before you cringe at the price, this really amounts to only $3 a shadow...not factoring in the eyeliners and primer. It's a fantastic value and I would bet this to sell out fast once it hits Sephora! Get it while you can!


leslielovesmakeup said...

that does look better than last years! last years was too glittery and it just sits in my makeup drawer :(

Makeup Fashion Love said...

such pretty shadows! great review!

GlossMenagerieDotCom said...

weeeee BoS love!!!!!!!!!

Btw, Tawn, darling. How many times do I have to beg and plead to make your blog email subscribe-able? :(

Tanya @ The Pink Train Case said... me and tell me how ;D

sparklingpinkgorilla said...

Oooooo! I would have never looked at this twice, but your pictures on here really make me want this set! I hope it don't sell out anytime soon.

Thepunkcat said...

I can't wait to have this BoS, thank you for the swatches :) AC/DC is my favorite of the bunch!

Vanessa M. said...

those are soo nice! and i LOVE that sharpener lol

ashnickers said...

Alright, so have I already missed out??? I went to both sephora and urban decay and can't find this palette anywhere! HELP!!!

Tanya @ The Pink Train Case said...

@ashnickers - No, you haven't missed out. It was first released on Urban Decay's site before anyone else. It's now available on Sephora's website. I assume that it won't be in the store for a few weeks, but it just depends on your store.