Sunday, July 12, 2009

PTC TV - 80s Commercial Fun from L'Oreal

Well, I know I said I wouldn't do anymore videos...and, I lied ;)

The other day I was watching a rather old VHS tape (You remember those, right? Those clunky rectangle things?) and came across this commercial for L'Oreal eyeshadow. It was amazing. I had seen this videotape countless times before (It contains a broadcast recording of the famous Motown 25 special where Michael Jackson debuted the Moonwalk....yes I'm mentioning him again. Sue me), but NEVER really caught this commercial before. I was stunned. The colors were so...well, you'll see. Then again, this was 1983 (I too am amazed that this video has lasted so long. It's one year older than I am!).....

Watch this amazing display of hot pink and bright blue:

Warnings: I know the quality isn't the best (Remember.....1983), and the sound is less than stellar, but I just wanted to share this glorious imagery.

In some actual news, I picked up these new Aveeno body washes. I have not seen these in stores yet, but somehow Costco had these (of course in a 3-pack!) for $10. I don't know if there are any more scents other than what is here, but this pack included two bottles of Fig + Shea Butter, and one bottle of Lavender, Chamomile, and Ylang Ylang.


Recessionista! said...

OOOOOMMMMMMMMMGGGGG! Dude!! I OWNED THESE EYESHADOWS!! I had a duo and it was purple & lime green and I would give ANYTHING to have it again. The shadows were so pigmented and smoooth and the colors were so ahead of their time in terms of being iridescent. The lime green in particular was the first eyeshadow color I had ever seen to "flash" another color (pink). Seriously, I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to upload this clip. It brought back so many memories and made me total remember THAT PACKAGING! I freaking LOVED how you could put the applicator it its own little compartment on the bottom. Seriously, you made my day, week, month with this clip!

Phyrra said...

Ok, that was awesome to see!
I sort of feel like so many mainstream makeup brands have gotten boring! You don't really see colors like that in the drugstore too much in my experience.

Now, in MAC or mineral makeup (such as Aromaleigh, Fyrinnae, Beautiful Girl Minerals, etc) I find bright colors like that, and I love it. I'm way more of a bright colors type of girl than a Bobbie Brown type of girl.

Dahlila said...

Wow. Flashback. I had the triple pack in chocolate browns w/sparkly cream.

that was just too wild.


Anonymous said...

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