Monday, May 25, 2009

A Taste Of Culture.

The one thing I love about being part of the beauty blogging experience is, of course, reading other beauty blogs. That being said I am constantly fascinated with cosmetics and beauty from other countries. More specifically, Japan.

Japanese cosmetics, to me, just look so luxurious, even the so-called "drug store" brands look like they could be sold in Macy's. I haven't had much experience with Japanese brands (Fortunately, Bath & Body Works was, for a while, carrying Awake Cosmetics, and I have a few items from them). So, a couple of weeks ago when I ventured to LA to visit family, it didn't go without a trip to Northridge mall.

There, as I drove through the parking lot, I passed by a store that looked mighty interesting, Sugoi Life. Once I broke apart from the family (my mom and aunts were looking at shoes at Macy's- I love shoes but I can only take so much of them!) I walked back outside to investigate the store I spotted. Much to my surprise, Sugoi Life is a Japanese store!!!

I walked in with probably the biggest smile on my face. It's a nice-sized store with some fantastic items. Mostly toys and things, but they also had snacks, anime/manga, dvds, magazines, household items, a nice Hello Kitty display, and other fun nick-nacks. I was in heaven! I must have been there for about an hour just looking around. I was hoping to see more beauty items, but, they didn't have much. Some skincare and haircare, but as far as makeup- not much. But, don't think I left empty-handed!

Shiseido Water In Lip

Like I really need more lip balm...
I've been using Water In Lip all week and I generally give it a thumbs-up. It's not scented, has no color, no smell, and doesn't leave any sort of finish. Sounds boring, right?

No so! Though it doesn't have any bells or whistles, it does leve my lips wonderfully smooth and soft as it just sinks into my lips. It was about $7, rounded up. It doesn't replace my Crazy Rumors blam, but it was just a treat to buy and try out!!

I also picked up eraser! I thought it was the cutest thing ever. They had a whole display of these erasers and had everything from food to animals (and...bowling pins. I picked up a little set of pins and a bowling ball for my step-dad!). Y, if you're reading this, I got one for you! :)

One of the things I am absolutely taken by are the magazines. These HUGE things put our American magazines to shame. They're heavy, they're colorful, they're awesome. There were only a few to select from, but one of the sales assistants directed me to this one, ViVi, telling me this was her favorite magazine.

The price for one of these babies is of course more than usual, I paid $13- but believe me, it's worth every penny! Here are a couple of scans I made to share:

This was the first thing I saw when I opened the magazine, a beautiful advert for Majolica Majorca.

Clear, step-by-step eye tutorials.

I can't get over the cuteness- awesome nail art tutorials!

Note: Those three scans took forever =p I just got a new scanner/printer/copier/fax combo and haven't quite figured out the settings. I think I got it down now...

Whew! Well, I have a ton of things, as usual, to review/photograph/swatch and share with you all. I'm waiting on a couple of orders, one from Cherry Culture and one from Sephora (should get them in, hopefully, on Tuesday). Picked up some more goodies from Target including a Sonia Kashuk cream blush, the other other skunk brush, and some awesome new skincare stuff from Boots!

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day! - Remember, it's more than just a day off from work and sales, it's a day to remember those who risked and gave up their lives for our country in service. That being said, I love (and miss!) you Grandpa :)

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That magazine looks so cool! Something that would def. be helpful for me!