Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Sonia Kashuk Goodies!!!

Well, color me surprised!!! I took a trip down to LA this weekend for a family affair, but of course, had to squeeze in a trip to the closest Target (and I did have to go for something, I forgot to pack my face wash!!).

Of course in my own typical fashion, I made a bee-line to the cosmetics. When I made my way to the Sonia Kashuk display, I was greeted with new products!!!

Some of the new goods:
Gel Liner, a loose mineral blush, and powder blush.

First, Dramatically Defining Long Wear Gel Liner in Ebony 03 ($8.99). I about lost my breath when I saw these!!! There were three shades available: Blue, Brown, and Black. I went with the safest choice and purchased Black.

The packaging is absolutely stunning!!! It comes housed in a silver cap with the logo on the top, and in beautiful frosty glass:

If you are familiar with Sonia Kashuk products, you might remember that her powder blushes used to come packaged in a square compact. It looks like those are a thing of the past now, and now come in a smaller round compact:

I picked up this up in the simply named Pink 14. I'm not too sure how many blushes there were before, but I'm pretty sure there are a few more to choose from and some new shades (almost picked up this pretty coral- darned).

I haven't tried it yet, obviously. But swatched on my hand it just looks like a natural pink with very little, yet natural, shimmer.

Next is Shimmering Loose Mineral Blush in Angelica 01 ($8.99).

The packaging is beautiful. It's a compact with a shiny metallic pink cover, when you open it up, there are these tiny sifters that release the blush, which is exactly what it looks like: a shimmery light pink. Haven't tried it on yet but the shimmer looks like it might be reserved for the nighttime. Oh, and if you're worrying about spillage, the compact is self-locking. Just one twist and the sifters lock shut, another twist and they open again.

There were also a couple of more purchases that I did not picture. I picked up a lip gloss (in Fairy. I don't think they're new, just repackaged), an eyeliner (in Plumed Bronze, not new) and another skunk brush :) Some other new products I debated on: new cream blushes (also in a new round compact), lip crayons (matte and glossy finish), and a "liquid tint" that might have been a liquid blush. Also, the header graphics on the display were changed, and pictured newly-packaged eyeshadow quads that I hope are released soon (the store did not have them)!!! It was all very exciting and I can't wait until these are widely released!


Askmewhats said...

wow....Sonia Kashuk makes eyeliner too! wow

Rae said...

Ooh! Exciting ^^ I wish we had Sonia Kashuk up in Canada, but alas! we don't.

Here's to hoping you review that gel liner! It looks gorgeous, of course.

Recessionista! said...

Just linked this post to my blog :)