Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Taupe Tuesday! - IsaDora Icy Khaki.

Hello, Tuesday! Hello, Taupe!

Another gorgeous offering from another fallen brand. Well, not fallen, but just not as easy to come by anymore. Today's star is from Swedish brand IsaDora. For a while, IsaDora was easily accessible at your local Walgreens. Sometime last year (??) the brand was phased out and moved out of shelves. The good: everything was cheap as chips and picked up quite a few goodies. The bad: I can't find it anymore!! This is just from my own experience and I don't know if it may be offered in other stores in other parts of the country, but as far as I understand, it's hard to find anymore.

I know. Rambling.

Today's shadow is Icy Khaki.
Is it icy? Yes. Is it khaki? Hardly.

Do you see khaki?

Unfortunately, this is my only shadow from Isadora. The formlua is extra smooth and silky. This shadow can also be used wet or dry, varying it's intensity.

Left, dry. Right, dry.

I have no idea where the khaki comes from....when I think of khaki I think more of a lighter beige, maybe even with a hint of green at times. I don't know, I don't see it here. This is a very silvery taupe, but still gorgeous. I love this on the lid, totally makes my eyes sparkle.

I picked this up for next to nothing, but it retails for around $11. If you can't find IsaDora in stores, you can still buy it from this website (and it's product offering is pretty generous).

Some extra news...
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Pixie said...

Isadora is great! It used to be available here in Denmark too, but I haven't seen it for a while :( That is such a pretty shadow.

Vanessa M. said...


Joey said...

I've had this eyeshadow for two years now and have NEVER used it wet! Now I'll need to give it another shot =)

Elvira said...

That is a gorgeous color! What a great find!!

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