Monday, March 16, 2009

Review: Prestige My Biggest Lashes Mascara.

Have I mentioned how much of a sucker I can be when it comes to packaging?

Case in point: today's mascara review, a new mascara from Prestige called My Biggest Lashes. Yes, that's the real name. I spotted it this weekend at Longs Drugs (along with some other goodies from Prestige, like new eye liners). Anyways, I was instantly drawn in by the hot pink tube and fancy, pretty fonts (yes, I'm a sucker for fonts too).

I'm TOTALLY in LOVE with this packaging. What's better than pink + black? It makes me want to retouch my mascara in the middle of the day just to show off the tube.

The bush is similar to that of Maybelline Full 'n' Soft. No gimmicky rubber or comb wands, thank goodness.'s a comparison to the Full 'n' Soft brush. MBL is on the left, and FnS on the right. They're pactically the same structure, but MBL is about twice as big.

I have to say that I am quite impressed with this mascara. I used it all day Sunday and am currently using it right now. It was easy to apply, thanks to the non-complicated wand, and it really made my lashes DARK. REALLY Dark. I didn't have any toubles with smearing or flaking. The formula is even a little similar to Full 'n' Soft, just a little bit more "wet" and "heavier", though I'm sure with more wear it will start to get a little dry, like most mascaras do.
Here are some examples, I usually wouldn't wear this much mascara during the week, but this is more for maximum effects:

So to break it down for you, here are my pros and cons:

I get GREAT length.
Really darkens my lashes.
Thickens really well.
Cute packaging ;)
No smudging or flaking, and was easy to remove at the end of the day.

The only thing that didn't do well with me is that it didn't hold a curl AS well as the Full 'n' Soft. Then again, I don't think MBL is a waterproof formula. But, still, it didn't totally kill my curl.

Oh, and FYI, here's what I'm wearing on my eyes: MAC Patina on the lid, MAC Twinks in the crease, Stila Wheat to highlight/blend, and Sonia Kashuk eye pencil in Iced Coffee (I've been using this like crazy over the past week- more info on this later!!).

All in all...I'm really taking a liking to it. I'm going to give it the rest of this week to see if I'll definitely repurchase, but the outlook is good so far. The price was about $6+ regular price, but Prestige is a brand that I usually see on sale from time to time. I picked it up for 25% off, so I paid about $4+ for it, which is still pretty good. I don't know yet if it will replace my Full 'n' Soft, but it's coming pretty close!!


Katrina said...

Wow, that looks great!

Pixie said...

Your eyelashes are so gorgeous!

Askmewhats said...

Wow, I should get my hands on these!
Thickens -- check
Lenghtens -- check
darkens --- check! :)

Thanks for the review

Recessionista! said...

Ooooh, awesome pics and review, Tanya! I'm adding this to my list for sure because I love that it has a real brush, which I never would have known about if it weren't for you :)

lily said...

I live overseas and was wondering if this was available online?

I want it! lol

Anonymous said...

Hi I just came across your blog when I googled Prestige My Biggest Lashes mascara. And I saw it just a few days ago debating whether or not to get it... now that I've read your review, I'm definitely going to! Thanks! And btw, I'm a BIG sucker for packaging + fonts, too! said...

It's cool...I guess...I'm a male and a little bit didn't understand all these women's things. But result I like