Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Taupe Tuesday! - It's Baaaaack!!

Today's (Yes, it's still "Today" as in Tuesday in my area. What can I say, I do better work late at night!) long over-due Taupe Tuesday comes from a brand I have not had much experience in. Origins. You know, that counter hidden in the corner (well, it is at my Macy's). Never has as much foot traffic as MAC does. Or, you know it as that brand with the gumballs. I admit, I never set foot to their floor space. Do I have something against them? Of course not, so what was I waiting for?

It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I was in another department store and saw that they had put in a fresh Origins counter. Literally, brand spanking new. I had to be the first person to actually use the testers. I was quite surprised as I swatched some of the shadows and blushers, tried on a lip gloss (the sanitary way, of course) and couldn't believe that I had overlooked this brand for so long.

And what better product to buy first than a TAUPE EYE SHADOW....and TAUPE EYE LINER. Yes. Eye liner ;D

First, is the eye shadow single in Frosty Fudge:

Yep. It looks as yummy as it sounds.

Origins eye shadows come in cute little silvery/green square compacts with a little shadow sponge and mirror (which is actually quite handy). The shadow is quite pigmented and very easy to blend. The color reminds me somewhat of Stila's Diamond Lil (which I have never properly featured, but mentioned it here), only Frosty Fudge has a smidge more brown to it, and it's not as frosty.

(Done dry with no base)

All in all, this is a wonderful taupe great for everyday or awesome smoked out.

Let met tell you, I was so excited to come across this little gem.
...and it's called the Automagically Eye Lining Pencil in Mushroom.

As you can guess, it's an automatic sharpening pencil. The shade is a nice compliment to Frosty Fudge eye shadow. Only Mushroom has more purple in it:

When it comes to the formula, I have nothing but RAVES. Aside from the color, the next awesome thing about this pencil is that it doesn't budge! When I swatched it in the store, I tried it on my hand and then walked around the store to think about what I wanted to get. Well, I remembered I had these swatches on my hand (forgetting to wipe them off) and when I checked my hand, this liner was still on, and hadn't budged. But the trick is you have to let it "dry" and "set" and then it's budge-proof.

I am absolutely thrilled with these new finds and can't wait to try more from Origins (and buy more of that eye liner....I mean, look at it!!!!).

Origins eye shadow singles retail for $14, and the Automagically Eye Lining Pencil retails for $14.50.


Askmewhats said...

oh wow! both the Taupe colored e/s and the mushroom are really pigmented! they look so pretty! Pigmentation looks like Make-up forever! but this is more on the frost side! I love it

Alyson said...

I'm totally lame for saying this but I would buy that except I don't have anything origins and I hate having "lone rangers" in my makeup stash. =X