Monday, November 17, 2008

Review - CoverGirl Eyelights Mascara

I admit, I'm kind of a sucker when it comes to new mascaras. I'm always intrigued and have hopes that it will give me what it promises. So, when I spotted an ad for this new mascara from Cover Girl- I had to give it a go.

Cover Girl Eyelights
mascara promises 4x brighter eyes with formulas made specifically for each eye color. Brown eyes get Black Pearl, blue eyes have Black Sapphire, green eyes have Black Ruby, and Hazel Eyes have Black Gold.

The brush contains rubber bristles, and the structure is similar to that of Lash Blast (but not as bulky) or Volume Exact. I guess this would be their baby, or rather a close relative:

The color in this review is Black Pearl (of course, I had to think of Pirates of the Caribbean right off the bat). I didn't really know what kind of color to expect when I first opened it, but here is a swatch:

It's not a solid black, but more like a charcoal or dark grey. Here is a swatch in comparison to a regular black mascara:

Now, the formula. The formula isn't as thick as some mascaras I've tried, so it feels light on the lashes and isn't heavy. Also, this isn't advertised as a water-proof mascara, but I found that it did not transfer/smudge all day while wearing it.

So, what makes this mascara a little different than the others?

Sparkles! You can see them best in this picture:

Maybe I should refrain from using the word "sparkle," as it might scare off some people. Instead it's "shimmer" in the formula that is the "Eyelights" of the mascara. Of course, the above photo is exaggerated, so the shimmer does look more like a sparkle- but when you're standing at a normal distance it looks rather ordinary.

How does it perform? Eyelights gives good separation and quite good length (surprisingly). I actually like the brush a lot, it was easy to use and didn't give me any clumps or other hassles. Of course- there are points taken away since I didn't get any thickening or volumizing benefits, and those are some things I must have in a mascara if it plans to stay in my train case for more than a day.

Did I notice brighter eyes? Erm...not really (do you?). But that still doesn't mean that Eyelights isn't a nice mascara- I don't know if it's one I would wear everyday, but it's nice for a weekend. . I'm not sure yet if I'm sold enough to purchase again, but I would reccomend it just to give it a go.


Vanessa M. said...

i think you have pretty lashes even w out mascara!

The Home Spa Goddess said...

Great review, waiting for another sale on this so I can combine it with my $1 off coupon:)

debeauty blogger said...

Hi Tanya,

I am so jealous of your natural lashes! I can't even duplicate them using my HG mascara!

P.S. I saw this and immediately thought of your blog. It's like your blog Voltron-ized! LOL.

P.S.S Love your blog!

T said...

thanks for the review. I saw this at Target, and it looked intriguing. I just might try it.

Tanya Annette said...

@ Debeauty Blogger:

WOWOWOW! That's kind of amazing!!!!! Thank you for the link!