Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pure Bliss! - A Haul.

Bliss: Orig., blithesomeness; gladness; now, the highest degree of happiness; blessedness; exalted felicity; heavenly joy.
Yeah, I guess you can say that's how I kinda felt when I came home to this beautiful big blue box!

About a week ago, I read the word on The Board (and it shall forever from this point on just be known as that) that there was this extraordinary sale on Bliss' website. How could I turn that down? I checked out the link and to my was more than extraordinary, it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The sale is long over, but that day things were going out of stock left and right, but the deals were absolutely jaw-dropping....

This is my first time ordering from Bliss, and I have to say I am overly impressed with it's shipping!!! The box was bigger than expected, and inside was stocked with plenty of air-bubble cushion :)

The Goods:
Trish McEvoy 4-pc. mini brush set, Julie Hewett Bliss Couture Palette, Hourglass Liquid Eye Liner, and Trish McEvoy Petite Simply Chic Palette.

Hourglass Liquid Liner usually retails for $36...but I picked this up for $6.40!!!

This is very much like the NYX Felt Tip Liquid Liner, but, you know, in fancier packaging. It's a good product and works great and was a great steal on sale, but if you want to try a felt tip liner, please stick to the option with the lower price tag ;)

This Trish McEvoy brush set, at regular price, goes around $60, I believe. I made sure to snatch this up at $13. The brushes are silky and soft and very well made. Comes with an all-over/blush, all-over eye, eye smudge (my favorite), and lip brushes in a handy little zip-up case.

Now.....this thing.....this is supposed to be a Trish McEvoy "palette" it still called a palette when it's smaller than the palm of your hand?!

I mean....really?! I think this retails for around $42, thank goodness I only paid $6. But, I do have to say the products tucked inside are of superb quality. The top layer has 4 little pans of lip color, and the bottom layer houses a face powder and three eye shadows. And it's a perfect compliment to the mini-travel brush set.

And it rests perfectly in the brush case!

This little beauty is Julie Hewett's Bliss Couture palette. Usually retails for about $42, and I picked it up for $9. The first pan is called Cleo "Shimmy". These Shimmy products are extremely silky and can be used anywhere on the face and/or body. Cleo is a bright, shimmery bronze. The second pan is Rosie "Cheekie" (cream blush), a sheer cherry-red shade. The third pan is another Shimmy in Goldie (silver with a little pink?) and the last pan is a Liplush lipcolor in Mimi, a sheer sparkly pink. I'm extremely impressed with this product.

Now, waiting in the wings are my Sephora Friends + Family hauls (yes, hauls....I made another last-minute, late-night order on the last day of the sale, did anyone else crack?)! Oh, I have to mention- did any of you lovely readers catch the premier of the new Lifetime show, Blush? Watch this space because tomorrow I'll hopefully have my own critique/review of this new program (it's a doozy!).


Anonymous said...

when was the sale?? aw.. i missed it. :(

Vanessa M. said...

sweet ass haul

Ms. ___ 2 be!! said...

Wow, great items you brought!
Cute brushes!

BeautyJunkie said...

Great haul!!

Roxy said...

those were awesome steals! that must have been some crazy sale! I cracked on the Sephora F&F! I tried to wait til last minute til most of the stuff I wanted sold out and then buy whatever was left but I ended up buyin gmore!

gio said...

Great haul! They were steals!

Anonymous said...

Hourglass Liquid Liner looks freakin' awesome. I hope they still have it because I might order it!