Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Taupe Tuesdays (For One Nite On Wednesday)! - Rimmel Smokey Quartz

Hullo! Sorry this entry is so late! How I usually post is that I take photos and start the entry at night, the day before posting (usually right before I go to bed, haha); then I finish it off the next morning at work on my morning break (or, in the rare occurance that I get to the office a little early). However, I've been temporaily "homeless" in my office. I've had no desk and no computer for the past two days, total *~dramaz~* so I won't get into it ;) HOWEVER- I will get into another fabulous installment of Taupe Tuesdays! Shall we?


I had another Taupe lined up for this week, but this one needed to be featured now as I picked it up yesterday after work (Emergency Longs run. My newly-wedded best friend borrowed my NYC Browser Kit and I accidentally packed it with her stuff when I was cleaning up after the shindig was over. Oh well, good thing it's only $3!). Of course, I couldn't just leave with what I only needed, I had to look around the store for any special

Today's Taupe Tuesday feature is Rimmel's Smokey Quartz.
It was a good thing Rimmel is 25% off this week, or else I would have totally passed this one up!

Smokey Quartz may verge on the edge of not really being taupe. It's got quite a lot of gold in it, which may lead people to think this is more of a bronze/gold. But it does have a smidge of brown in it, which, in my eyes, considers it a taupe. You may not think the same. But that's alright.

This is actually my first encounter with Rimmel eye shadow singles, I may have used one a long time ago, but I don't remember if I liked it or not. Anyway, the shadow has a good texture (not too crumbly-soft nor too hard) and pigmentation is fair. Nothing mind-blowing, but with a good base you can get beautiful color.

Taupe? Bronze? Gold? What do you think?

Smokey Quartz is a pretty worthy addition to Taupe Tuesday. I know, you know, there are better but- this ain't so bad ;)

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