Friday, August 29, 2008

JK / Jemma Kidd for Target Swatches....It's Complicated.

While I was in San Francisco last week/this week, I still made it a point to stop at...wait for it...3 TARGETS. Yes, 3 Targets in the span of 5 days. Yes, it's possible. Yes, it's a sickness. Anyways, while stopping at Target #3 in Daly City, I saw sparkly new displays!!! Again, I fail and didn't take any photos of the display, but a few other fabulous blogs have already posted some ;)

I couldn't help but just dive into the testers, since they were new and not touched...someone had to break them in :D

Follow along with the numbers!....

#1 and 1.5 are from a JK eye shadow duo. I found that the duos had a different texture reaD: chalky) than the singles, and not as good in pigment.
#2 and 3 are liquid eyeliners that are AMAZING. A.MA.ZING. The color is pretty true, but it's so much more vibrant and shimmery (NOT sparkly/glittery). And let me tell ya, these things are waterproof to the NTH degree. When I washed off the other swatches a few hours later, this is what was left:

PERFECT. And they were still vibrant in color and still had shimmer.
An atomic bomb couldn't remove these.
I had some fun and decided to see how long I could keep these on. This was on Friday night when I went out on the town with my BFF The Bride and the other Bridesmaids. A night of bowling, Hooters chicken wings, Irish Coffee, cake, and other girly bonding/shenanigans- these little swatches stayed on until I got back to my hotel at 3 IN THE MORNING. They stayed on an ENTIRE 12 HOURS. Unbelieveable! Even then, it was difficult to remove with my regular lotion eye makeup remover (Avon). I had to resort to using my mom's Clinique oil-based remover (I can't remember what it's called)....and still had to scrub a bit.

Moving on! #4-9 are all eye shadow singles. I found these to be exceptionally silky, went on smooth, and as you can see, have some pretty nice pigment (with the exception of #7, of the ones I swatched, this lacked a solid swatch of color and had some chunky glitter, still pretty though). Oh, please direct some of your attention to swatch #4. That would be a gorgeous TAUPETAUPETAUPETAUPE. And yes, it will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine (guess that movie reference!).

#10 and 10.5 are from the Napoleon Perdis "NP Set" line, and it's from a loose shadow wand duo. I wasn't really wowed with it. It was pretty when first applied (the green!), but faded really fast. The JK shadows stayed on really well until I washed it off, and this was on my dry hand with no base. I don't remember the price, but I think it was in the $15 range.

I didn't get any swatches from the Pixi line. Nothing really stood out enough and for some reason all of the eye shadows were under plastic dome?! WTH?! Same with the NP Set shadows. The Pixi palettes looked gorgeous, and people are kind of gafawing at the $28 price tag for these palettes- but, HELLO! That's for 8 shadows! That's $3.50 a shadow! And really, do the pans need to be huge? How many of us go through an entire pan of (a "normal" sized pan) shadow on a regular basis? I think I may be alone in this in thinking that it's actually a good deal.

I know people are thinking this is not a good idea. And why bother when you can just go to Sephora or a store like Macy's? Well, sure, but these lines are only being carried at Target. And maybe some (a lot) of people aren't in areas where stores like Macy's, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Saks are around to be able to get higher end brands ( I only have Macy's [1 for that matter] in my area. I've actually never stepped foot in a Sacks or Nordies). So the opportunity to buy higher end cosmetics is there for those people. I admit I was a little skeptical at first, but having actually seen it I think it's a great idea. I think people are being too harsh and automatically downgrading the whole idea and notion "just because it's being sold at Target". And what the hell is wrong with that? It's just makeup. No need to be so uppity about it.

Okay...stepping off my soap box for the night. What are your thoughts on this?

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