Monday, August 11, 2008

Haulin' - Benefit Wonders & Target Steals.

Small haul over the weekend!

I made a trip to Macy's on Saturday, hoping to find my best friend the perfect wedding gift. It was quite an adventure, for sure. Since she lives in LA, a lot of the items she registered for wasn't in my store. But, eventually after some searching around, I found some prime items that she wanted, so all hope was not lost.

After buying her a small load of goodies, I headed up to the main level and stopped by the Benefit counter. The gals there know me so well, as I mentioned that they called me up to tell me they had some new stuff in. And how! They had the full line of the new Full Finish lipsticks and the three new Creaseless Cream Eye Shadows.

Seriously, how cute are Benefit's bags?

First purchase was Silky Finish Lipstick in Skinny Dip.

#1 Superficial reason why I love Benefit:

Skinny Dip is described as a cream nude pink. Quite so. It was between this and one of the new Full Finish lipsticks in Lady's Choice. Lady's Choice was a smidge bit darker and had more brown in it, and this one is much more pink. Almost the same, but this one looked much better on me. Glides on silky and leaves a semi-glossy finish. Yummy!

My other purchase was Posietint!!!! I had wanted to see this for so long and my counter was, for some reason, lagging on getting this in stock. This + Skinny Dip = the perfect neutral everday pink I've been wanting!

Stop! Stop with the pretty packaging!!!!

I was afraid of the color at first, very Pepto Bismol chic. I decided to try it out on my lips and once dried I fell in love. It left my lips soft with a medium pink tint. It didn't look like I had anything on. It's very similar to it's big sister, Benetint, but in other ways it's completely different. The texture is waaaaaaay different. Benetint is a straight up liquid and some say it's a hassle to put on. Posietint is thicker in consistancy with almost a gel feel to it. Of course, the color is different. I'll have to do some comparisons later, but obviously Benetint is a rose/red color, while Posietint is pink. Both are the same in the way they give anywhere from a subtle pinch of color to something darker and dramatic. Well, I don't know how dramatic you can get with a light pink tint but you can definitely adjust its intensity.

The picture is horrible with the flash, but it shows the color (and consistancy) off the best.

Last but not least, I stopped at Target to see the latest and greatest at the Bullseye. I can't go a week without stepping in a Target. Do I have a problem? The cosmetic department had a lot of clearance for some reason (random stuff for Revlon, Physicians Formula, Rimmel and L'Oreal), and I found this little gem hiding on a back endcap:

Sonia Kashuk's Face Palette in Breathtaking Brunette.

Best part? It was only $4! Second best part? It was the last one! There were two other palettes, one for blondes and one called "platinum"....neither palette did anything for me so I let them be. The first two pans are lip color, the two "wedge" pans in the middle are eyeshadow, the small pan between the wedges is a wet/dry powder liner, the large bottom middle pan is blush, and the two pans on the right are concealers. The pencil on the top is a rather nice little brow pencil.

I haven't had a chance to really play around with it yet, but it looks like one of those palettes I could throw in my bag for a weekend trip. Details to follow soon!

Well, I hope everyone is having a great Monday so far! All is quiet on the office front today, some people had the day off, the other assistant called in sick, and the secretary is on vaycay this week. Thus, leaving me as the Lone Ranger today. It hasn't been so bad. I've had to do a couple of things I don't normally do, but I'm getting it done. Let's just hope some epic catastrophe doesn't come up at the last minute *knocks on wood*!!
EDIT: I spoke to soon! Looks like something went wrong. A form that we thought got done & signed last week for my boss actually DIDN'T get done. No one else is here so I have to fill out the forms and get them signed. I've never done this before so I'm like freaking out. Oh, and my boss is leaving Wednesday. Yeah. Bad timing.


Anne @ said...

I haven't tried anything from benefit yet but indeedy their packaging is soooooooo cute!!!

and that palette is definitely a steal! CAn't go wrong with 4 bucks a pop!

Tanya Annette said...

Oh, you must try Benefit! It's not only great quality but it's just a fun brand in general. They always have great theme parties at their counters and the gals are so nice :)