Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Taupe Tuesdays! - NYX Mocha Pearl Mania

Words cannot describe how much I love this single shadow. If I had to be stranded on a deserted island with only one shadow to call to my name, this would be it. If I had one last dying wish- it would be to be buried with this tiny bottle grasped in my hand.

.....well, not exactly, but you certainly get my drift.

Today's feature star is this little gem from NYX. It was one of the first things I had ordered back when I had first started out with the brand.

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Mocha

The Ultra Pearl Mania product is a loose powder eye shadow. It's been compared to MAC Pigments, but Pearl Manias are much more finer (lik in texture, but still pack a great punch in pigment and color. Like I mentioned, the texture is powder-fine, but the application is very smooth. These can be used wet (or, "foiled"), for a more metallic finish. It also tends to look "foiled" if used on a "wet" (like a cream shadow) base as opposed to a dry lid.

Left: swatched dry. Right: swatched wet.

Depending on where you purchase these, you can find these anywhere from 99 cents to a couple of bucks. The size of the little bottle is 0.06 fl. oz or 5ml. It looks small. It sounds small. But believe me, it will take you a while to actually finish one up. I've been dipping into the same bottle for well over a year...and I have 3 more waiting in the wings. I'll probably die with this stuff, I swear. One of the best things with this shade is that it can be worked with anything. A word to the wise, though. The container on these SUCK. Like, pretty bad. I took a sample jar that I got from a counter and emptied it into there. Much easier to operate with and you really get to see that it's actually quite a bit of product in that tiny bottle.

I am awesome, no?


Vanessa <3 said...

omg!!! im uploading my pix right now on how i depoted all my pearl mania pigments!!! ill have em up by the end of the day!

The Home Spa Goddess said...

I just put my NYX pearl mania into jars:) There is a TON of product in those jars!

Tanya Annette said...

@ Vanessa:
Awesome! I'll make sure to go check that out :)

Isn't there?! I was amazed!! Like I said I'll probably be buried with these, they'll last me that long :D

slauslau said...

Where are u buying these from? i'm in your neck of the woods. around the san bruno mountain. :)

Tanya Annette said...

Slauslau: I usually find NYX products at small beauty supply stores at the mall. There also seems to be a good selection at a store called Amuse (they sell jewelry, bags, and other accessories). But I usually order NYX from Cherryculture.com :)