Monday, August 18, 2008

Don't Try This At Home: Mary Kate & Ashley Sparkle Sheets

Oh, the things I do for my beauty blog.

Last week I had to run into Wally World (Wal Mart) to pick up some once-a-month necessities (If you know what I mean), I have a bad habit of making a bee-line through the cosmetics department. Nothing caught my eye, but one brand that I can't help but take a full moment to stop and look at is Mary Kate & Ashley. Yes. That Mary Kate & Ashley.

Now, I wouldn't be bringing out the haterade just yet, because the MK&A brand actually has a couple of good items (which I will talk about someday). I look at the display so frequently I notice when products are gone and new stuff is brought in *headdesk*. This is when I noticed this new product:

The promise of shimmery, sparkly goodness in a sheet? Sign me up!

Yeah, I gave in. These "glamour" sheets also came in three different shades of both blushers and bronzers. I was excited and curious to try these out when I got home.

I opened up the small package and...

Got scared. Holy motherrucker do you SEE that glitter!?@!! It was already falling and sticking to my fingers and I'm thinking this wasn't the best purchase...

The sheets measure about 4"x2" (I'm just guessing, I'm at work right now). And they are PACKED with glitter. Now, this isn't gritty glitter, but it isn't a fine shimmer either. It's this weird in-the-middle glitter.

Okay. But what does it look like on?



Um. I don't even want to show how it looked on my face. There was glitter alright, but...just...too much. The purpose and idea of the product is convenient, but the damn glitter in this thing is just way too much for everyday/daytime use. I could see where this product could come in handy. I could see this being used for a club-outing easily, also, maybe for photoshoots? Using multiple sheets could have a favorable result. I don't know. I'm just shooting them out. This is definitely not something for everyday use and definitely not something I plan on repurchasing. But by all means, check this out if you are curious ;)


Katrina said...

Those would def be great for a costume party but not for everyday. Holy crap.

ps are you still liking that Avon primer? I'm going to see if I can pick it up tomorrow.

Anne @ said...

hahahahaha I was laughin when I was readin this. Of all the things you can pick up at the cosmetic aisle, it had to this. Can't blame you tho. I would be curious too But good job on the review! You can probably still use this for some shimmer on your body maybe?

Vanessa <3 said...

scary! lol i don think ive ever even paied attn to their stuff!

Tanya Annette said...

Katrina: YES! This could definitely work for a costume! And I'm still diggin' the Avon primer. I'm liking it more everyday I use it.

Anne: Haha, it's such a bad habit! But how else would I be able to report on the obscure items? :D Oh, and using it on the body is one thing I forgot to add :)

Vanessa: Haha, it's definitely geared towards the young girls and tweens, but they have some really nice lip gloss!!!

Jaimeyusu said...

AHAHAHA OMG !! the pictures ARE scary...... loving your posts, by the way. your blog is SO purrty ! LOVE!!