Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hump Day Inspiration: Jenna Jenna Jenna.

It's a fact.

I have a girlcrush on Jenna Fischer, AKA Pam "Don't Call Me Pammie" Beesly.

I admit I'm a fairly new fan when it comes to "The Office", I only got really hooked in the middle of the 3rd season. I had heard about it. I had seen a few episodes but never really got into it. Then, it was The Merger episode that just sparked that interest that hasn't really blown into a full obsession, but it's pretty damn close.

Of course, the character I connected the most to was Pam. I in many ways was (and still is) like her. A secretary (well, if you want to get technical I'm an Office Assistant II - Confidential...but who's getting picky?) who has to deal with an office full of characters. Similar dress (not too similar, but I do have to say I dress more like Season 4 Pam- "now with color!"). And, unfortunately, in a fix with a real life Jim. Okay, I don't have the whole asshole fiance storyline going for me, I do know how Pam feels when it comes to Jim and (the infamous) Karen. But, again, I digress...for my own life is still stuck in that awkward triangle of season 3 while there's a whole lot of "PB&J" lovin' going on now in season 4. Oh well...I'm totally diverting from my original intentions of this post.

The real reason of this post is to once again declare my love for Jenna. Both as an actress and as a kick ass inspiration when it comes to make up. She goes from looking somewhat plain, average and cute on The Office (again, speaking for early seasons Pam) to looking smexy & sexy in real life:

Seriously? Is this the same woman? Girlcrush ACTIVATE!

This photo takes the whole cake for me, though. I haven't done it yet, but Oh! How I want to re-create this look! The smokey eye, the fresh cheeks, the neutral pinky lips. Sigh...and again: Sigh.

Speaking of offices: of course that is where I would be making this post. It's like...an addiction. I can't possible work on my blog at home so I need to do it from work. Help me!

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