Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Daily Lemming: Bounties of Benefit.

For some odd reason, I tend to get a lot of (non) work done when I'm at work. For the past 5 weeks I've been off for medical reasons (which I will get into at a later time) and right this moment, am making a new post from my desk at work. Now, you would think that I would spend most of my time at the computer while on medical leave, but I was never on! I was asleep most of the time! Or, playing Guitar Hero...

Well, since this is my first day back at work, I'm kind of at a loss of what to do. I can barely remember what I was working on when I left. During my absence two of the awesome guys in my office took over my work and I get back expecting there to be a ton of things to do...and there isn't! They took care of everything beautifully! Except for the obligatory mountain of things to file/alphabetize, the more "busy work" is up to date. I'm currently trying to get my desk back in order and go through my emails, but I just don't know how to get back into the swing of things, ya' dig?

A lot of the times at work, when there's a lull in the day or I have 5 minutes to spare or I'm just plain bored, I'll surf my favorite blogs and sites. One of the things I especially love to do is hop on Sephora and check out the new products, make lists of what to check out during my next visit, and update my wishlist. Here are the newest products to catch my eye.

First, (well, actually all of the following products are from Benefit) Benefit's new Bridal collection, as delightfully illustrated in one of the recent emails I've received:

The collection offers 3 new shades of their popular Silky-Finish lipsticks and Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liners:

I'm more of a "Lana" gal, so the I do, I do, I do lipstick is sticking out the most for me. I'm a big fan of these almost lipsticks (I call them "almost" lipsticks because they feel more like a soft lightweight balm) and all these new shades look delicious! On the opposite end of the spectrum, while I'm "Lana" on the lips, I'm a "Betty" when it comes to eyes. Pre-nup cream shadow looks like it would pair great with Get Figgy with R.S.V.P. as a highlight (funny enough, doesn't R.S.V.P. sound like it would also go great with this Bridal collection?).

The next is a new product from Benefit, and it looks mighty familiar to Show Offs!, but I'll have to compare in person. These new loose powders are called Lust Dusters and are to be offered in 10 shades:

Loose eye shadows? Count me IN. The shade shown above is called Punk Royalty and is described as a "shimmering grape". Other names include: Goldilocks (gold), Nugget (taupe, but looks gold on the site swatch), Go Go Girl (pink), Snow Bunny (white pearl), and Moon Doggie (and I give a nod to Benefit for bringing back an old school name from their old school cream shadows!)

Ahh, how's that lemming craving coming along? Pretty pinks. Loose shadows. If this doesn't wet your whistle, I don't know what will.

And! It looks like I'm back into the grind of things. I was just handed some paperwork :)

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