Sunday, April 20, 2008

Adventures in depotting: #1

I finally did it! I depotted my first shadows!

So for a while I've had these E.L.F. palettes in my makeup tower. Not really doing anything. Just hanging around. I even had some E.L.F. singles lying around, think I did anything with them? Nope. They sat in their respective plastic shell packaging getting lost in a sea of single shadows. This weekend for a little mini-project, I decided to finally pop these babies into a palette along with some Milani singles.

Milani Sheer Sand, E.L.F. Moondust
Milani Antique Gold, E.L.F. Dusk

Putting an E.L.F shadow in a palette is about as hard as opening a door ( never know), so that was a no brainer. Depotting Milani was just as easy. It took me all of 5 minutes and, as you can see from the picture, had no casualties.

I did the alcohol method, which was a breeze. I peeled off the label from the back of the single and took a small flathead screwdriver and dipped it in some rubbing alcohol and then dipped it over the little hole on the back of the single. I let it "marinate" for about 5 minutes and in the meantime looked for some magnets. I, for the life of me, can't find rolls of magnet tape (that isn't 10 inches thick) that people use for palettes. So, I used the next best thing: magnets from the fridge. I had these small magnets, the type to "build a sentence". These were free, so I didn't mind. Since they weren't self-stick I took some double-stick tape and cut it to size.

Back to the singles, I took a push pin and stuck it in the hole, it didn't take much force for the pan to pop right out! Alright!! I was a depotting virgin no more!! Then took my little magnets, stuck that on, then stuck a label with the name on it- then popped it in the palette! I admit, I guess it would stick a little better if I had some new magnets (the ones from the fridge are kind of old), but it still works and unless I'm on a trampoline, the shadows aren't going anywhere. It's not a bad looking palette, right? ;)

On an ending note, I think I'm in love with The She Space. I really am. Today I used Deafening Silence (or was it Distant Rumor?) on lid with Resisted Anxiety on outer lid and Moonlight Whimsey (I think, haha. I was in a rush this morning) to highlight. I instantly fell in love with the creamy consistency and the PIGMENT! Oh. My. God. The. Pigment. I'll take some in-depth pictures soon, but I beg of you GO TO THE SHE SPACE!!!! Look around and order some samples, I promise you won't be disappointed.

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