Thursday, November 05, 2009

NOTD - Debbilia # 77

Over the past weekend, I went on a small shopping excursion with my equally beauty-loving cousin, Alex. One thing that we love to do (other than eat sushi, eat ice cream, listen to Michael Jackson, eat, eat, AND EAT) is top at random 98 cent stores. You can actually find a lot of neat things in there, if you just look around. We both like to look for beauty items, my cousin loves to look for fake eyelashes and I just like to look for whatever I can get my hands on ;)

At the second store we stopped at, I noticed some rather large polish racks up by the register. I made a bee-line to the display and almost had to fan myself!!! Beautiful polishes, ahoy!!!!!

Debbilia #77

I wish I knew more about Debbilia polishes. Simple Google searches lead me nowhere (as far as a website with more colors or a place to order). This shade is #77, a beautiful dark olive and gold sparkle with a dark black base. Apologies to the lack of sun photos. Thanks to the time change, buy the time I get home the sun is down and, well, I have to settle for indoor photos. The formula was easy to work with and the color was opaque in two coats. This is one of those colors I'm guilty of just admiring in the sun while I drive, it's so hypnotizing!

#58, #80, #82

These are the other polishes I picked up. #58 is a light purple sparkle and #80 is a golden sparkle. These are both on the sheer side and would be beautiful for layering over darker polishes. #82 is a gorgeous blue/green with a similar dark base like the above #77. These little polishes cost me a mere 98 cents. Pretty groovy, huh?

I wish I could give you some more information about this mystery brand- have you ever come across a small brand that totally blew you away, only to find there's no information to be found?


Recessionista! said...

I swear you have THE best luck finding random, obscure beauty products! I am so jealous of your 99 cent stores, woman! :) Those colors are gorgeous and what a deal. Wow. xo

Deez Nailz ~ where the CANADIAN Bloggers at ? said...

whoa - those are really pretty - any info on the bottle? Distributor? Company?

ed hardy lady long sleeve said...
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Monika said...

I loveee the black with gold nail polish!

M & M said...

We are thinking about carrying the brand Debbilia. I was able to get a few samples of the nail polishes (sometimes called Best Sense) and some eye shadows.

It might take us 4 weeks to offer them online. Taking pictures and creating online listings takes a very long time.

You can find us on Amazon and Ebay.
Search for mad4cosmetics or madcosmetics.