Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A New Season Brings New Sets from Mark!!

Hello, Beauties!! Can you believe it's Fall already? I really wouldn't be able to notice- it's going to be 100 degrees today! Whew, I hope this is the last of the heat waves- I can't wait to break out my sweaters ;)

Today on this dreadful Hump Day (I am currently writing this at work- the office is so quiet, I can hear a pin drop!), I bring you two brand new items from Mark for the Fall and Holiday seasons. These were literally delivered yesterday- they're extra fresh!

First up, is a new Flip For It palette! It's a little different, but still fabulous.

Super Flip Color Kit

The packaging is the same size as your typical Flip For It. The color may look black in the above photo, but that's because it's actually a metallic/shiny bronze! Here's a better picture:

Hi There!

It's almost like a mirror, so all you people who are finicky about getting smudges on your mirrors/packaging - this may drive you a little nuts. You can already see the fingerprints on mine.

Now, when you open it up, instead of getting the standard 2 shadows and a blush- you get 9 eyeshadows!!! Here's a close-up:

1st Row: Iced, Gioa, Goldie
2nd Row: Dare, Electric, Frenzy
3rd Row: Nudie, Rockin', Lava

Iced, Gioa, Goldie, Dare, Electric, Frenzy, Nudie, Rockin', Lava

The shadows pretty much speak for themselves. There's a little bit of something for everyone. Iced is a shimmery bright white. Gioa is a permanent shade, a really pretty bronzy/brown with gold shimmer. Goldie is just what it sounds like, a pretty, pale shimmery gold. Dare is my favorite out of the bunch, a forest green with gold shimmer. Electric is a (mostly) matte navy blue with a tiny bit of shimmer. Frenzy is a pale, lavender with shimmer. Nudie is a very matte fleshy color- which is why it's kind of hard to see, blends pretty well with my own skin. Rockin' is similar to Gioa, only it's a darker brown with gold shimmer. Lava, though a little hard to see, is a matte black.

Flip it over to find 9 lip colors and glosses.....

1st Row: Kissy, Poutin', Hint
2nd Row: Delish, Crave, Glow
3rd Row: Racy, Pixie, Spiced

Kissy, Poutin', Hint, Delish, Crave, Glow, Racy, Pixie, Spiced

Sorry that the swatches on the farthest left a little hard to see....first is Kissy, a light berry gloss, no shimmer. Poutin' a pale pink gloss. Hint is a pretty neutral pink lip color (FYI. This contains both glosses and lip colors. Glosses are more sheer and the lip colors are a little more opaque and creamy). Delish is a bronzy gloss with gold shimmer. Crave is a stunning and surprisingly opaque brown/berry gloss (or lip color? I don't have this in front of me, I will confirm and edit later) with shimmer. This would be gorgeous on ladies with darker skin tones!!! Glow is a light, gold shimmer gloss. Racy, Pixie, and Spiced are all similar-but-not pinky-neutral colors. Again I don't have it in front of me so I'll update later ;)

Next up: a new set of Mini Juice Gems Lip Gloss. These are obviously Holiday themed. Juice Gems are some of my favorite glosses. They have great colors, last long, have a high shine and smell yummy :)

Sugar Plum, Egg Nog, Nutcracker, Holly Berry

As I mentioned, these are mini tubes. A regular-sized tube lasts me forever! Here's a comparison to a regular tube:

FYI: The larger tube is Blackberry Juice Gem :)

Sugar Plum, Egg Nog, Nutcracker, Holly Berry

Sugar Plum is a plummy-red gloss with no shimmer. Egg Nog is sheer light pink with shimmer. Nutcracker is a nude-colored gloss with very little color and no shimmer. Holly Berry is a (guess what?!) berry gloss with shimmer. Not only do I love the colors but I LOVE the scents! They each have a different scent- Nutcracker is my favorite, smells kind of coffee-ish.

I love both sets- I don't have the prices in front of me but I can tell you that they're a steal. 9 eye shadows and 9 glosses/colors in one palette? Seriously- it's a good deal. Though I miss having the blush in the palette, I still think it's great that you can use it for both neutral and colorful looks. The gloss set is darling- just the perfect size to stuff in a stocking for Christmas! I ordered these out of the previews through my super-duper Avon selling Aunt, so these should be available to purchase in the coming month or so ;)


ndoodles said...

The colors are pretty but I'm looking for more matte colors for this fall. I do adore mark's stuff though :)

Vanessa M. said...

super cute stuff!!

T said...

thanks for the review and swatches. I am aiming to get this palette soon. I was wondering how the colors looked.

K said...

Hey Tanya! I'm a new follower to your blog! This new Flip for It really looks great. I love that it has 9 colors instead of 2 HUGE eyeshadows and a blush!!

Please come visit my blog as well!

For the Love of Makeup said...

I have this also, I sell Mark cause I wanted the discount when i did want stuff, lol
but I love the Nudie eye shadow, and i love the lip colors!!
I see your from Fresno, I'm from Tulare, I go to Fresno all the time for my MAC and Sephora!! hehe but soon enough i won't have to drive very far! yay ; )))

Tanya @ The Pink Train Case said...

@ For the Love of Makeup - Glad to see another blogger from Central Cali!!!!! :)