Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For Your Consideration....Vote For The Pink Traincase!

I found out (through accident, really) that this little blog, The Pink Train Case, is in the running to be a part of HLMN's Hot Beauty 100 Blogs!! It's such an honor to even be in the listing. The competition is pretty stuff, since about....oh, 99.9% of the blogs I love and read every day is also in the running.

Sure, it would be simple enough to vote for every blog.....but the catch is you only have one vote per email. Tough nut, ain't it? Anyways, this isn't a plea for votes, because I don't play that way (and this is the only post you will see about this)- but if you do feel so inclined to vote for me and the little ol' blog, click here to enter your email and then Pink Train Case in the next box. I, along with all the taupe eye shadows in the world, would truly appreciate it :)


leslielovesmakeup said...

voted! i called my wal-mart and asked when hard candy will be there and it'll be in the middle of the month! thanks for showing pictures!

Jeweled Thumb said...

Congrats! I love your blog. It's really clever. I honestly think it is one of the most fun ones to read.