Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Review - Soap & Glory The Fab Pore

I'm am so excited to do this review (grab some coffee, it's a long one)!! This is the first product I've purchased and really tried out from the brand Soap & Glory, a super cute brand originally from the UK. But, lucky for us Americans, Target has spoiled us once more and has started to carry its products in stores (and online, too!!!).

Recently, a wave of newer products have hit the shelves, and I decided to try my hand (or, er, face) at this nifty little pot of skincare called The Fab Pore. Now, if you are not familiar with Soap & Glory at all- they are FABULOUS at play-on words. This is the company that came up with Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumper ;) So, "The Fab Pore" sounds mighty tame, but cute nonetheless. Oh, and if you are having trouble of where this products name got its inspiration from, let me help you:

...The Fab Four....heh...

Dig the kitsch packaging!!

I know what you're asking, what the hell does this do (other than look totally cute in the box)? Well, The Fab Pore is a lovely little mask/peel. It's supposed to suck up nasty things in your pores, and, eventually, make them less noticeable. It highlights ingredients like mushroom extract, salicylic acid (great for battling acne), kaolin clay (to sop up oil), and vitamins A & E. Put it all together and what do you get? The Fab Pore!

The tub weighs in at 1.7 oz. Seems small, but believe me, you don't need a lot. Putting it on my skin, it goes on pretty smooth, but not to overly thick. Again, you don't need a lot, a little spreads a long way. The box suggests you take a grape-sized amount for your face, but I think that may even be too much. I just dab my finger in the tub and use what I need (which might add up to the size of a grape). The scent is pleasant, not medicinal and not perfume-ish. It's just...fresh. Kind of minty too.

See those little green beads? I don't know what they are, exactly, but instructions say to rub the mask into the skin until the beads have disappeared. All you need to do is leave the mask on for 15 minutes. The box says you can also leave it on for 5 minutes, sort of like a "quickie" facial. The mask stays pretty "wet" when on the skin, as opposed to something like the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask that dries and crumbles. I don't feel any effects when the mask is on, for instance the mask doesn't make my skin tingle or anything. It comes off pretty easily (I use warm water), and after a few minutes I apply my usual moisturizer.

It's only been a week since I've been using it, so I don't know I'm ready to give out fair results. Besides, with skin, you can't rush things. But what I can say is that my skin has been feeling very Ooh La La smooth! Texture has improved a bit, my skin looks a little brighter, and as far as pores go, I can see my cheeks look a bit smoother. My nose has seen little improvement, but, my pores there are rather beastly so I'm not going to ding points off for that or anything. I'll definitely have to give it some more time and report back.

So far, everything looks good! I love the packaging, the price is right ($12), it's readily available at Target, and I've seen some progress in a week. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to smooth out their pores. Definitely a go for gals with oily skin, and since the mask stays pretty moist, I think it could work for dry skin as well.

Oh, and have I mentioned the packaging? You have to love a company that has a good sense of humor:

Have you spotted Soap & Glory at your local Target? Have you tried something that you loved? Hated? Or, have your eye on something you want to try?


xLRH said...

i'm in love with the packaging, i need this.

Katrina said...

The packaging is hilarious, I might try it just for that. It looks kind of yummy too.

Elvira said...

I love ALL Soap & Glory products. I saw they had new things out but I'm so glad you reviewed one of the items i was interested in. Now I may need to pick some stuff up! Love the review!

Rae said...

Ha! I love the packaging - thanks for the review! Soap & Glory's design always makes me think of a mid-range skincare version of Benefit... but maybe that's just me, being nuts :P

xLRH said...

I tagged you in my latest post!

J. said...

I recently tried this for the first time too, and I absolutely love it! An amazing product for sure!