Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Your Call Is Imporatant To Us....

......If you might have noticed, my posts, again, have been a bit on the sparse side. I know I really don't need to do a post like this, since it is my blog and all- but I figured I should give just a little explanation. You know, just to let you know I don't care or anything, because I do.

Anyways, it's just that (other) time of the year where things get a little crazy. Things at work are going crazy in preparation for our budget stuff (I don't have anything to do with it- but the panic seems to rub off on me, haha). It's just about 2 weeks away from finals week at school. And, I'm finishing up another class that is also really important (I know religion could be a touchy subject on a blog that has nothing to do with it- but I just made my Confirmation and I've been in classes since September, and we're winding down in the next week or so. It was a long road but I am grateful I went down it!) Plus- all the normal family hubub that just naturally happens :)

So, please stay tuned!! I'll post when I can get the chance and thank you again to all of you out there for reading!!

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Maggie (Ying) said...

i nominated you for a blogger award! go to my blog for it :)