Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Hi, everyone!! This is going to be a quick update, since, um, I'm not "techinically" supposed to be up and around by myself ;)

As mentioned before, I had surgery on Monday to remove my tonsils. And, honestly, I'm kinda miserable. The surgery went A-OK and routine. It's so funny, really, the last thing I remember was being wheeled into the operating room and smelling...strawberries? Maybe it was the drugs taking over or maybe the juice they were pumping into me really did smell like strawberries? I don't know, but, before I knew it I was in recovery. Again, everything went fine, and I was out of the surgery center in a few hours and back at home.

The past few days have consisted of a lot of sleeping, a lot of medication, a lot of TV watching, a lot of iPod listening, and, more sleeping. I'm still swollen, I can't really talk to well, and I'm on a very bland liquidy/soft diet. Eugh. Needless to say I'm hurtin' for some pizza right now.

Anyways, I'm taking advantage of my mom running some errands right now and doing this post. I was supposed to be confined to the recliner to rest....but really, did she expect me to stay still for so long? Naaaaah! But really, I should get back to resting. And I apologize if somethings don't make sense because I am under the influence of liquid vidodin (that tastes like yummy green apple), so, sorry :D

I hope to be back in action in the next week or so. So, please stay tuned and I'll be back soon!! Thanks everyone for your support :)))


Askmewhats said...

get well!! just relax, we'll be here when you're back! :)

Elvira said...

Aww. Hope you feel better soon. :-) Mmmmm Green Apple Vicodin!

Rae said...

Yes, it was strawberries! My mask-knock-out-thingy was strawberry scented as well... mmm...

Anyhow. Stop blogging, and get your ass back in the recliner to get your rest! We need our favourite blogger to get a full recovery, no matter how restless and bored you get :P Just go take some more of your green apple Vicodin.

The Mighty J said...

Why are you blogging on green apple Vicodin - you should be drinking! Duh-h!!! Anyway get better soon!