Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Feelin' Good - Sephora Haul.

Ahhh!!! I feel so good to be back in the game!!! I'm finally getting back into the swing-of-things, I went back to work on Monday, went back to my class on Tuesday, and I have my voice back!! To celebrate, I did a little haulin' on Sephora (using the 15% off code, of course!).

First, I finally got my hands on Benefit's Coralista!

It's so gorgeous! More so when it's in your hands- I kept looking at this over and over at the Benefit counter and at Ulta, however it never seemed to make it's way home with me...

It leaves the most beautiful glow, I can't wait to try this one tomorrow!

I'm not a big fan of Bare Escentuals (okay, at all. I really don't care for them- with the exception of the Buxom glosses and a few shadows), but this was calling my name:

Glimmer in Drama.

It's a bad photo, but guess what? It's gorgeous taupey goodness!!!!!

How could I pass up this deal? I purchased Benefit's Girls Night In!!! (have to add in the !!!, since it's in the product title, haha). This is such a great deal, EVERYONE should take advantage!

It comes with Lady's Choice full-finish lipstick:

A "carmel pink" shade, it's a pretty pink neutral.

TWO!!!! Creaseless Cream shadow/liners in Birthday Suit and Skinny Jeans:

YUM. These things are gorgeous. And, as you can see from the finger imprint, I couldn't help but swatch before photos ;)

Not photographed seperately, but the set also comes with a brush (the Talent brush, it's perfect to use with the cream shadows) and a set of 3 magnets. I'm going to have the chicest fridge in town!!! And can you believe this set only cost $38??? I think my Sephora store had some sets still, but it's currently out of stock on the website. Hurry fast!! All Benefit fans need this!!

I also made a little dash-n-haul today at Longs (slowly being converted to CVS- the bags now say CVS on them). I only went in for a bottled water, but made a mad dash around the cosmetics. I came across another sight of yellow tags on the L'Oreal wall and saw even MORE clearance items than at the last store I was at!!! I picked up a couple of things:

Color Juice Stick in Island Punch and another HIP Jelly Balm in Succulent.

I snagged both for $2.25 each!!!! I'm in LOVE with Color Juice Sticks, like, really. I think this is my 5th one. They are absolutely amazing, methinks a review is up for those!!!

Well, that's all for tonight, folks. Any bloggerettes out there watching American Idol?? I can't believe I haven't talked about this season so far- remind me to do so ;) If you're watching along with me- what did you think of the dreaded Disco night? Without getting too into it, I really enjoyed Matt's performance of "She Works Hard For The Money" and Adam's take on "If I Can't Have You" - those two always impress me with their unique arrangements! I also have a weak spot for Matt- that boy is just too cute!! ;)


Linda said...

Nice haulage! I can't believe that set is only $38. Too bad there's no Sephora near me.

Pixie said...

Glad you are feeling better. That's a lovely haul. I really like those cream shadows!

leslielovesmakeup said...

i love the haul!

GlossMenagerieDotCom said...

Nice haul darlin! Glad to hear you are doing better.

Phyrra said...

Skinny Jeans looks lovely!
I have Samba-dy Loves Me and it's great!

Recessionista! said...

Looove that taupey goodness :) And how cute are those BeneFit goodies? Also, I'm so happy you got that Island Punch Color Juice Stick because it is GORGEOUS on. Have you tried it yet? I actually posted some pics on my blog a while back of this color...I swear I love it more every single time I use it :)

Mukho said...

Hi Tanya :)
I'm Mukho, and its my first comment on ur blog, but I've been reading for a long time. Nice haul u have here. Its been so long since I did some hauling myself :( so I'll have some vicarious enjoyment out of yours :)
I don't follow American Idol,but I did see Susan Boyle on Youtube (hehe she's British, I know)

Elvira said...

LOVE the haul!! Skinny jeans is one of my faves! Glad you are feeling better.

Jeweled Thumb said...

Drama is by far my favorite BE shadow. It works on every skin tone and it's gorgeous wet too!