Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Taupe Tuesday! - Maybelline Mocha Motion.

Trying to squeeze this in before Tuesday ends (here on the West coast, anyways)!

I've already unveiled a jem in the drugstore world that is Maybelline's Enchanted Forrest eyeshadow quad- but, if you're looking for something a little more softer, a little more taupe, then today's feature is just for you.

Maybelline's quad in Mocha Motion is one of my current favorite palettes to grab when I'm running late for work. The colors work well together, it goes with anything that I would be wearing, and really, it's fool-proof. These newer quads come with labeled shadows that show you exactly where each shade goes:

Pretty easy, huh?

The shades are very pretty, on the lighter side, and almost have a satiny finish with no frost (when you compare it to the Enchanted Forrest quad). They aren't the most pigmented shadows on earth- but for drugstore, I think they're above par. And since these shadows are more lighter, it's very easy to do a quick wash, a little crease-work, highlight, and you're done without being so precise about application.

The lid shade is a brown shade, almost kind of hard to explain this one. It almost looks like it would be really warm, but when I wear it the color goes on more cool (granted I do use a cool-colored base, which alters the color a bit). The crease shade is my favorite- it's a cool taupe/grey/purple hybrid. It has the most pigment and has a little more extra touch of sparkle (as do all the shades). The outer corner shade is similar to the crease shade, except it's more brown, less purple, with a hint of gray. Would rank #2 in pigment. The last shade, the highlight shade, is you're typical highlight shade. A light, low-sparkle white. Nothing garish, a light sweep on the brow bone looks lovely. Tip: Sometimes I'll use the crease shade on the lid, and the outter corner shade in the crease.

Again, this is a great quad for girls on the go, gals who are just starting out with makeup, or, of course, the taupe lovers. It would also go without saying that this is a very office-friendly group of shadows, and also very wallet-friendly :)


Linda said...

I'm on the go alot and I love my mark. shadows for that! This definitely would be a great palette for a pal of mine. Who knows, maybe I'll get one for myself, too! =) I'm a shopper!

Askmewhats said...

wow..these colors are wonderful for everyday look! :) thanks for the swatch!

T said...

Oh, that is a definite winner palette. Tanya, you are turning me onto Maybelline shadows.

ndoodles said...

B/c of your review that I went out and got one - Chai Latte and I was not disappointed. When I feel like shopping for new eyeshadows, I might go back to this set ^^