Sunday, November 30, 2008

Skin-periment: Avon's Fade & Correct Peel Pads

Hello, Bloggerettes! I hope all of your Thanksgiving weekend is still going strong and recovering from that turkey-hangover (or recovering from any Black Friday sales! More on that later) :)

Tonight I want to introduce a new "series" entitled, Skin-periment... I know, the title is kind of corny (Get it? Experiment? Skin? It was the best I could do!). Over the next few weeks, I'm going to share and record my results on a skin care product.

But first, a very brief history on my skin. This was a topic I was going to save for when I actually discussed my history with acne, and what products I have used in the past and use now in my skin regimen. I have acne-prone, oily skin (With some dry/combo days too. Oh yes, it happens)- and some time ago after I graduated high school (7 years ago) my skin pretty much exploded. I don't have many HQ photos of my face from that time, but here is the best photo I could round up to show the condition of my skin at the time:

Here's my forehead =/

Aaaaand my left side of my face.

It's not the best- but you can clearly see my acne (Note: I was wearing foundation in this photo. I know, yikes). I'll save the rest of the sob story for another post. From this period is where I am left with the lasting memory of scars. Quite frankly, it sucks. I picked up this product in hopes that it might help in my never-ending struggle with this baggage. Over the years the scars have faded, somewhat, but they're still there. I'm always up for trying something new, so why not?

The product I'm going to be testing and reporting on over the next few weeks is Avon's Correct & Face Peel.

I picked these up for $2 through my aunt, but the full-retail price is around $6 (I know, quite the sticker shock, huh?).

This little jar comes with 30 pre-soaked pads. They have a slight medicinal-scent, but not overpowering to the point where your tearing up. They're on the small side, and remind me of a communion wafer (but please, don't eat it *wink). As mentioned, the pads are pre-soaked, but not to the point where they are sopping and dripping. One side of the pad has a textured side, and the other is smooth. I don't believe it matters which side you use, but I am preferring to use the textured side.

Even though the pads are a little small, one is all you need. Believe me, there is no need to grab a second pad. The scent isn't as "bad" (Remember, I'm one of those people who smell isn't a big deal when it comes to cosmetics in general. But, some are very very very picky about scent- you may be one. So just take that into consideration) once it was on my skin. My skin felt a little wet after, but within a few minutes my skin was dry and felt very soft. I felt no stinging, no burning, no reddening of the skin- no reactions in general.

So to start out the experiment, here is where my skin stands tonight on the first day of using the Correct & Fade Peel:

Yes, bloggerettes. I just posted my face (well, part of it) with NO FOUNDATION. Most of the time I don't even go out of the door with some kind of powder on, eeep, so this is bold of me to post these. But, hey! Anything for the blog :) I'm going to try to keep updates on this on Friday/Saturdays as best as I can. Stay tuned!!

To veer off a bit- I would also like to report I survived Black Friday!! I was in desperate need of a new black winter coat so, slightly out of my mind, I got to my local JC Penney at 3:45 in. the. morning. in the hopes that I would snag a pretty pea coat for $50. And I did! In 15 minutes I walked out with a brand new black coat for $51- which was regularly $200!!!! I also took advantage of that $15 Sephora coupon that I'm sure most of you have heard of last week. Only, I decided to ease up and instead of buying something for myself, I used it towards a couple of gifts for some dear friends. Then I went to Target and snagged up a few good deals (A Stick-Vac for $10, some movies for my parents for $3 & $6, and the second season of Psych for $13!). Can you believe I was back home before 7:30? Black Friday is so draining (I only got 1 hour of sleep!), but so worth it!

Did you brave the crowds on Black Friday? Snag any good deals? The holiday weekend is coming to a close- so make it a great Sunday!


Anonymous said...

I had these pads & they didnt seem to do anything for me. It kind of just felt like I was exfoliating my I hope they work for you though :)

The Home Spa Goddess said...

LOL! Yes I braved Black Friday too but I was out from 7:45 am till 4:30. I posted videos about my trip and buys on my YouTube page. I took my Flip video cam with me:)

T said...

I used these pads for a while (I have a review on my blog), and they did work for me. It takes some time, and I was not expecting anything. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

Alyson said...

I actually almost bought those to use on my cracked heels! I heard salicylic acid pads do wonders for chronically cracked heels. Since they're on sale right now I'm still considering it. =X But the sale code is for $10 or more and believe it or not I had trouble finding $10 of justifiable purchases. I suck! Take my MUA card away.